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The Episode starts with Shakti telling that she will be reborn in human avatar again. Shiv tells her that if she returns then he will not accept him this time. Shakti says this is not my Shiv is saying, but Rudra. She says I will wake you up and when you convince me then I will meet me. She says Shakti will come to meet Shiv. Taraka sur brings Asur sena to Dev lok and asks them to cages all the Devtas. The Asurs defeat the devtas. Taraka Sur announces himself as immortal and challenges Narayan. He says Shiv will not have a child so he will never die. Deeti smiles. Inder Dev comes to Narayan and asks him to do something. Narayan says we shall pray to Aadi Shakti. They pray to her. Aadi Shakti appears infront of them. Inder Dev tells Aadi Shakti to do something and save this universe from Asurs. Aadi Shakti tells that she is returning in human form against Shiv’s wish, and tells that she has not forgotten her responsibility and will not Shiv forget his responsibility. She tells that if she is reborn on this universe, then Shiv will be angry with her, but to bring aim in Shiv’s life, she is ready to bear any difficulty. She says as Sati, I just loved, but in this new birth, I have to burn in Tap and Tyaag’s fire to get Shiv, and I will need all of your support. Inder Dev says we are ready to help you. She says in this avatar too like Sati’s avatar, I will not remember my Aadi Shakti avatar, but I want promise from you all, that like you all have left Sati alone, you will not leave me alone. Inder Dev says we will not leave you. She asks them to promise that they all shall do their rules, guide and support her humanly avatar. Narayan asks who will be your parents this time.

Ganga tells Shiv that he can stay in this cave until he wants. He says he will stay here until he gets privacy here. Ganga says you have accepted my request, I don’t want anything else. Taraka sur cages Kamdenu cow and tells the Rishi that it is his now. Ganga comes to Himavan that Mahadev accepted her request and is staying in the cave. Himavan gets happy and tells that he feels peaceful and calm whenever she comes. Sevika comes and tells that Mainavati got labour pains. Adi Shakti tells that she will be born from Parvat raj Himavan’s wife Mainavati’s womb. Narad says jai. Narayan says Adi Shakti will take born in Himavan palace, and Ganga has already brought Mahadev to Himalayas. He says their love story will complete in Himalayas. Himavan gets happy to know that his wife is in labor pain, and asks Sevika to make arrangements of mahautsav.

Inder Dev tells Narayan that Taraka sur is troubling even Rishis now, after capturing all the three words. Rishi tells Taraka sur that Kaamdhenu was handed over to us with Asurs’ consent during samudra manthan. Taraka sur says Kaamdhenu is mine now, and tells that he is immortal. Narad asks Narayan to do something, else destruction will happen. Rishi tells Taraka sur and tells that whoever has created destruction, Mahadev will do tandav. He tells that Shakti will be reborn, Shiv will marry her and will have a child. Taraka sur doesn’t believe him.

Narad asks Narayan to do something. Narayan says this is the time to pray to Adi Shakti, as she is going to be born on the earth. He says she will take Mahadev out from mourning and will bring him back to do the responsibility of love and duty. Mainavati is about to gives birth to the baby. Shiv looks at Adi Shakti in the sky.

Precap: Himavan’s daughter is born. He names his daughter as Parvati. Everyone celebrates her birth.

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