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The Episode starts with Mainavati giving birth to the baby. Aadi Shakti is born in humanly avatar. Shiv looks up. The flowers blossom, the water starts flowing, there is greenery everywhere. Narayan and others fold their hands. Taraka sur tries to kill Rishi, but his arrow becomes flowers and falls on him. Rishi tells him that Aadi Shakti is born and your end is near. She says no boon can save you. Taraka sur threatens to kill him and asks him to say where Aadi Shakti is born else he will kill him before killing her. A divine light falls on him stopping and pushing him. Taraka sur gets scared. Rishi tells him that he will never know where Aadi Shakti is born. Himavan tells that her daughter’s birth turned night into day, she has brought light everywhere, as if everyone is celebrating and happy. He says welcome Parvat raj’s daughter Parvati. Rain starts as he lifts her. The people are happy that rain came after a long time and that their happy times came. Taraka sur tells that he will kill all newly born baby girls so that Shakti dies before she remembers everything.

Himavan says she is born as nature, and tells that for him, he will take care of her before himself and will fulfill her dreams before his dream. Ganga says I want to take Mahadev’s blessings for Parvati’s birth. She says this is his result of his blessings. Mahadev is meditating in the cave. Parvati holds Ganga’s pallu. Ganga asks if I can take my younger sister to take Mahadev’s blessings. Himavan says yes. Ganga goes to the temple and rings the bell on the Shiv. Om Namashivay bhajan plays….Parvati holds the trishul there. Mahadev gets up and says I shall return to Kailash, I have to go away from you Shakti, very far from this place.

Himavan asks his sevaks to announce Parvati’s birth celebration. Narad comes to Shivling and tells Chandra dev, Vasuki and Nandi about Parvati’s birth and tells that Mahadev is returning to Kailash. He tells that Parvati is the rebirth of Shakti. Nandi says we shall return to Kailash. Ganga comes to the cave and finds Mahadev missing. She thinks where did he go?

Mahadev returns to Kailash. Nandi, Chandra Dev and Vasuki come there. Nandi says Aadi Shakti is born. Chandra says your pain will be gone now. Mahadev says he has nothing to do with her, and he will do meditation, if anyone tries to disturb him, then he will not spare that person.

Precap: Parvati is grown up. Shiv gets immersed in water and freezes himself. Parvati prays to Mahadev and says he will surely come.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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