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The Episode starts with Taraka sur coming to the Shivling where Parvati is doing puja. The spy says the girl used to do puja here. Taraka sur asks the girl to show her face to him. The spy asks how dare you to ignore my Swami’s words. Mahade’s trishul hurts his hand while he tries to touch her. Taraka sur comes near her and says I have understood that you are the divine girl, and says I will not kill you without knowing your identity, as I have promised Asur Mata Deeti and asks who are you? The girl turns to him.

Parvati asks Ganga why she took her from there. Ganga asks her to do puja later and takes her from there. Narad asks Narayan to do something. Narayan takes the girl’s avatar and stands close to Shivling. Ganga tells Parvati that today is her birthday and it is your gift. Parvati says I don’t want any gift, by going far from Shiv. Ganga signs her to look at Narad, who is holding trishul in his hand. Parvati greets him. Narad asks her to be always Shivmey, and tells that Ganga has brought you more closer to Shiv, as I am gifting you Shiv’s Trishul, it is very special.

Narayan as the girl tells Taraka sur that the guy is punished, as he tried to touch me, and reminds him of Shiv’s promise that he will protect all the women. Taraka sur asks who is she? She says she is Mohini and says I am the same Mohini who had snatched Amrit from Asurs and made Devtas drink it. She says it seems Asur Mata Deeti didn’t tell my story to you. Taraka sur says she had told me your story and you always betrayed us. She says the girl was Shakti, whom you have replaced here. He calls her Vishnu and says I will kidnapped you, and will enquire from you, about me. He says you can’t kill me due to brahma’s boon. Mohini says you can’t save from my illusions, and asks whom you will take now. He sees her illusions and gets shocked. Just then some snakes come and swirls around him, and bites him.

Narad tells Parvati that this trishul was of Devi Sati, now it is yours. Parvati asks Devi Sati, Mahadev’s wife. Ganga says yes. Narad asks Parvati to accept the gift. She touches the Trishul and gets flashes of Sati. She then opens her eyes and looks at the trishul. She says this trishul was touched by Devi Sati, and she must have meet Shiv holding it, and they must have danced holding it. She says this trishul is lucky and I am also lucky that I got it.

Mohini says you shall not think your enemy as weak, and asks if you didn’t learn any lesson from my avatar and Bali’s mistake. She takes the real Narayan form. Narayan says you can’t harm Adi Shakti, and can’t search Maa Aadi Shakti. He says you have just one way to be saved, come in Mahadev’s shelter. He vanishes. Taraka sur pushes all the snakes and gets free, and tells that he will take revenge for this. He says you have saved that girl, so she must be Shakti and she will come tomorrow. He says she doesn’t have much time and has to die.

Lakshmi says you have protective Parvati this time, but we don’t have much time. She says we have to get Shiv and Parvati married. Brahmadev says not just body, but his heart is frozen too. Narayan says I have the weapon to melt his heart and body. Ganga asks Narad to help her sister get Sati’s place. Narad says if Parvati is ready to marry Shiv, then we can talk to Shiv about this. Ganga asks if she likes Shiv. Parvati says she likes Shiv. Narad asks if you are ready to marry Shiv. Parvati says I shall feel shy, but I don’t want to lose this chance by feeling shy, and says sometimes the dream can’t be fulfilled if we stay silent, and says you are my Guru, and I don’t have any hesitation to tell you, and says truth is that I have felt Shiv since my childhood. She says I agree to marry Shiv.

Shiv’s message: Shiv tells that if you want anything in life then you have to face troubles and difficulties, if any trouble or difficulty comes in your way then don’t think that your God is upset with you, but actually God is giving you a chance, and the time is hinting you that your best is going to come, as you will see the rainbow of success after overcoming the troubles.

Precap: Himavan announces Parvati’s dance. Parvati dance holding the trishul.

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