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The episode starts with Narayan with all gods visiting Himavan and requesting him to get Devi Parvathi married to Shiv. Himavan says they had fixed Parvathi’s marriage with Vindhya prince in childhood and can’t break their promise. Brahmadev says they can’t change a fate. Mainavathi says she now understood that they all congratulated us when Parvathi was born; how can they get their daughter married to a wanderer who is lost in meditation for years, she can’t push her daughter to suffer.
She requests them not to talk about Shiv and Parvathi’s wedding and this unusual relationship. Parvathi prays Shivling and recalls meeting Mahadev.

Narayan tells Mainavathi that she is talking about Shiv’s wandering behavior, he is wandering because he lost his love and only a lucky person gets a loving partner. Mainavathi asks why is he insisting so much. Narayan says they tried to explain same to Prajapathi Daksh and his wife, she should understand that Narayan and Parvathi’s marriage would bring luck to the universe. Ganga walks in and asks her father if he ever asked Parvathi’s decision. She walks to Parvathi who is lost in thoughts recalling past event. She takes Parvathi to their father and asks him to ask Parvathi if she wants to marry Vindhya’s prince whom she heard of just now or Shiv whom she loves since her childhood. Mainavathi asks Parvathi if Ganga is telling truth? they are her parents and want best for her; they want her to marry Vindhya’s prince, but all gods want her to marry Mahadev. Parvathi stands silently. Hamavan asks her to answer without any hesitation as nothing is important to him than his daughter’s happiness. Even Narayan asks her to speak.

Parvathi says since she came into her senses, she loves only Shiv and no one else, what else discipline would want if she gets her god, marrying Shiv is her wish but not her decision. She tells gods that she respects them all, but she can’t disrespect her parents’ wish who gave her birth and took care of all her needs.; they are all gods and prayed by the whole universe, but her gods are her parents and their wish would be her wish, she will marry whoever they want her to marry and their decision is final verdict for her; she can’t be happy if she marries against her parent’s wish, Devi Sati is the best example of that, she will marry Shiv only with her parent’s permission or else no. She greets them and leaves from there. Mainavathi tells gods that their daughter respects theri wish and they want her to marry Vindhya prince. Narayan says they should respect their daughter’s wish and reminds what happened to Sati and Daksh.

Parvathi recalls Narayan and her parents’ wishes and her promise to marry a person her parents wish to. Ganga walks to her and asks when she didn’t shy away to express her love for Shiv in front of the whole world, then why she is not firm with her decision in front of their parents. Parvathi says they are her parents and she can’t disrespect their wishes. Gangaa asks then why did she wish to marry Shiv since childhood and collected rudraksh for Shiv. She says the feeling she has is of only love and will she sacrifice Shiv for her parent’s wish.

Shiv says a person fears of losing a loved one, but when they are alone, they realize that they have no one with them; they should think when they are alone and realize what the reality of life is.

Precap: Ganga informs Parvathi that Mainavathi agreed for the marriage with a condition. Mainavathi tells Narayan that they have to get Parvathi married to Shiv within 3 days before Vindhya prince arrives or else they should let Parvathi marry Vindya prince. Hamavan says they will have to divert Mahadev’s attention.

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