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The Episode starts with Rati cursing Parvati and says your marriage was happening for the child, and that’s why you will never have any child. Parvati recalls her words and runs out. She recalls Mahadev burning Kaamdev to ashes. Shiv is walking in the jungle. Parvati cries and thinks how can you burn an innocent. Narayan has captivated Taraka sur and other Asurs with his powers. Taraka sur laughs and says Mahadev is going in anger, that’s means his union haven’t happened with Shakti. Narayan comes infront of Mahadev and asks him to stop, and asks until when you will punish us and until when you will run away from your responsibility. Mahadev says he has no responsibility. Rati says for your reason, my husband’s is sacrificed. Mahadev says Kaamdev has done a crime, he tried to break my meditation. Rati says Kaamdev had done it on Devtas’ sayings, then why only my husband is punished.

Taraka sur sees Parvati crying and says she is awesome, beautiful and unique. He says tears are looking attractive on her face and says this beautiful girl will be my queen. Deeti stops him and tells him that she is Adi Shakti, whom you are calling as weak. She asks Taraka sur to take her by cheat and not by power. Taraka sur fires arrow at Parvati, and she faints sensing the smell. Mahadev tells Rati that the world will remember Kaamdev as the person who broke someone’s meditation. He says it was his choice if he has to accept others’ saying or not, and it was his decision to burn due to his karma. Taraka sur comes to Parvati and tells that he will take her to Asur lok, to make her patrani. Narayan asks Mahadev, why is he punishing the Adi Shakti and asks if you have no relation with Parvati. Mahadev hits his trishul on the ground, saying he has no relation with anyone. The earth quake comes with the storm, and Taraka sur is pushed behind. Deeti says what is happening. Rahu says he can’t see anything. Taraka sur sees the mountain on his way. Parvati gains consciousness. Taraka sur breaks the mountain and sees Parvati missing. Parvati goes from there. Taraka sur asks Asurs to search her. He sees her going.

Himavan comes to Parvati. Parvati hugs him and cries. Deeti tells Taraka sur that Adi Shakti is Prakruti. Taraka sur says he will search her. Himavan and Ganga take Parvati from there. Rahu says Adi Shakti is not here. Taraka sur asks Asurs to go and find out all about her. Narayan asks Mahadev to stop. Mahadev says he wants silence. Brahma Dev says you say that we are tied by destiny. Mahadev tells that he is more determined than them and he will not marry again. Rati says you couldn’t bear the separation from Sati being Mahadev, then how I will stay with Kaamdev. She says if you return my Kaamdev, then I will take back my curse. Mahadev says it is human vulnerability, and says Parvati is cursed, and tells that she has to bear the curse and he will not return Kaamdev. He says if Kaamdev’s body is returned then nobody will have fear of punishment before doing any sin and asks if they want this to happen. Narayan tells that without Kaam and Rati, nobody will get the heir as they are the basis of birth. He says I can’t return Kaamdev’s body, but will give the boon that Kaamdev will be Anang, and will live without the body, in everyone’s heart as Kaamna for forever. Kaamdev’s soul goes on the earth. He says now Kaamdev and this story ends here.

Shiv’s message: Shiv asks did you see your heart beat once, it beats with balanced, and tells that the person breaks the rules and once it breaks then the life is over.

Precap: Parvati says I agree that I have love in my heart for Shiv and says I will throw it out from my heart right now. She throws the trishul in air and it falls near Mahadev. She tells Himavan that she is ready to marry Vind Rajkumar. Mainavati smiles happily. Mahadev looks on.

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