Shiv Shakti (Zee) 15th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The event is going on. Mohan and Shiv dance with Radha and Shakti. Everyone is cheering for them. Manorama doesn’t like Shiv and Shakti dancing together. Shiv holds Shakti in his arms at the end. Mohan tells Radha that they love each other but they are fools. Radha says you are right. She says I have a gift for you. Mohan comes to Shiv and says I need to talk to you, he goes with him.

Mohan is going with Shiv but his dadi says that he has to stay back for the pooja. He says sure.

Mohan and Radha do pooja together.. Shakti does pooja with them, Shiv stands besides her. The kid takes butter from the mandir and mistakenly drops it. Manorama says its okay.. Lord must have some reason for this. Dadi says its time for swing ceremony. She says Radha should do it first as she might get a baby next year, Radha blushes and looks at Mohan. They recall their moments together and smile at each other. The villians have connected swing with electricity so Radha will get shocked. Radha is about to touch the swing but a kid bumps into the villains and she falls on the swing and gets shocked. All are stunned seeing her getting electrocuted. Mohan runs and finds the switch, he turns it off and says who would plug a wire here? Radha holds Kahna in her hands and says someone help her. Shiv and Shakti check her.. Shakti says her pulse is normal so she is just in shock. The villain’s daughter hides and is scared. Shakti sprinkles water on her and she wakes up. Radha says why do I feel like I have seen her somewhere? All look on.

The episode ends.

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