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Scene 1
Shiv says to Nandu that he will find the culprit. Otherside Mandira tells Padma that Shakti is opening her grave by trying to find proof against me, Shiv and Shakti will fall in that and I will bury them in. Otherside Shiv tells Nandu that I am sure the minister locked Shakti in the store room and when she got the scholarship then he published our news.. who else would frame us? I have to expose that enemy, we will bring out the truth. He says I should call Shakti and tell her that I am going to find the culprit soon. He calls Shakti.

Ranjan’s family comes to Manorama’s house. Shakti is busy serving them and doesn’t see Shiv calling her. Shakti tells Ranjan that I was joking when I asked you to say no to the marriage. Manorama says Rimjhim wanted to say something. Rimjhim goes from there, Manorama says she must be shy. Rimjhim goes to the kitchen and says Keertan must have been angry that day, I should try to talk to him again. She calls him again and he thinks its Shakti calling. She says I wanted to talk to you. Keertan shouts I don’t want to talk to you, you have no standard in front of me, I have no interest in talking to characterless people like you. Rimjhim says please talk with respect. Keertan says where was your respect when your mother was beating me with a broom? you think you are pretty but your class shows with your antics. I am telling you for the last time to stay away from me. Koyal comes there and asks who is he roasting? He ends the call and says

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