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Scene 1
Mandira tells Shakti that she deleted the CCTV footage and Shiv will have no power now, he will resign in the evening today, thank you for helping me do all this. You hugged him and I made it a news, then got him arrested.. you helped me complete all these plots. Shakti says how can you be so venomous when you call him your son? Mandira says I have only one son and that’s Keertan. You can go and console Shiv as he has nothing left. You said that you are with Shiv always, you were right as you will be destroyed now. Keertan will take the power and cancel your scholarship, you won’t become a doctor now, don’t ever try to mess with me again, she leaves. Shakti says this is not a time to dwell on my dreams, I have to be with Shiv and won’t let anyone break his dreams, Mandira can plot as much as she can but Shiv was the MD and will always be the MD of the hospital.

Shiv is hugging Dadi and says that hospital was my dream and I lost it, I always wished to cater to people but I lost my dream, it feels like my life is sucked out of me. Gayatri hides and cries hearing that. The window opens and Shakti jumps inside. Dadi, Shiv and Gayatri are shocked seeing her there. Dadi shouts what are you doing here? how could you come inside like this? Shiv stops her.

Manorama is worried that Shakti hasn’t returned and says I just hope she is okay there.

Keertan thanks Mandira and says I am so happy. Mandira says you got all this because of me, you have my blessings. Always keep your head high so you won’t see cheap people on the road. Keertan says I know you are talking about Shakti. Mandira says she is a dirt so don’t ever think about her again.

Shiv holds Dadi’s face and asks her to not scream. She nods so he leaves. Dadi scolds him and asks who is this girl? Shiv says this is Shakti. Dadi says so its this girl.. the one who was in the news with you. She blames Shakti and says Shiv is going through all this because of you, he went to jail because of you and he.. Shakti falls down to her knees and touches her feet. She says I know I am to be blamed for this, you can punish me. She greets Gayatri and looks around for a broom, she says you can hit me. She finds a slipper and says Chachi beat us with this when we do something wrong. She gives her the slipper and asks her to beat her with it. Dadi asks her to shut up. Shakti says I have hurt Shiv a lot, I know he is your BFF and he was in trouble because of me. You are like his mother and I can understand that you are hurt because of me so you can hit me if you want. Dadi says who is this girl.. she came like a storm and.. Shiv says and she won everyone’s heart. Gayatri and Dadi are surprised hearing that. Shakti says I won hearts but we still have to win the war, Nandu Bhaiya told me everything. Dadi says he is already your brother? Shakti says from before, I met him at the hospital with Shiv before. She tells Shiv that you are paying the price for the crime that you didn’t commit, I won’t let you resign. Shiv says but.. Shakti says I won’t hear you, you have to fight for your happiness.

Mandira heard some noises and tells Keertan that she will check on Shiv. Koyal comes there and says I saw something online. Keertan says she must be shopping again, she doesn’t even care about budget. Mandira says really? Keertan your thinking is getting small that you are thinking about budget. Koyal gifts him cuffs and says these are real diamonds for my brother. Mandira takes it and says these will be for Shiv. Shiv will resign and we will own that hospital now.

Shiv tells Shakti no.. he is fine. Shakti says I can see that you are lying, you are sad, you didn’t do anything so why are you punishing yourself? If you do this then you are doing wrong with people who love you. You made this dream hospital for people and if you back down without a fight then you are doing injustice with yourself, with Dadi and with all people that love you. Dadi says but nothing can happen as the board wants to resign him in the evening. Shakti says he won’t sign those papers. Dadi says how will you stop it, we have only 3 hours left. Shakti says when Shiv and Shakti are together then anything is possible, I won’t let him resign.

The episode ends.

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