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Scene 1
Shakti tells Shiv that she won’t let him resign. Shiv says you don’t know that I have a lot of work, I don’t need the hospital work. I will have time to study and go to the mandir now.. Shakti says that’s it? you can’t convince me when you are not convinced yourself. Dadi smiles at her and thinks she read him like no one in the family did.

Mandira tells Keertan and Koyal that I have to pretend in front of Dadi that I love Shiv more than you both. I have to make today special, Shiv is still in the house so I have to pretend that I am sad he lost the position. She says I will go to Dadi and shed crocodile tears.

Shakti tells Shiv that he will lose everything if he leaves the hospital and that hospital needs him too. She holds his hand and they both stare at each other. Dadi and Gayatri see them. Gayatri whispers that Shiv is incomplete without Shakti. Shakti tells Shiv that he can’t lie to her, she can see that he is hurting. Shiv says its okay, my brother is going to be MD and I am sure he will work hard too.

Chacha greets Mandira after the pooja and starts leaving. Ragunath comes there and tells Mandira why did she call him when the city is filled with priests? Mandira says let it be, he is our prayer and must have come for some money. Ragunath says you have good intentions but people like him are snakes. Chacha is hurt hearing that. A servant asks him to have dinner but he says my daughter is getting engaged so I have to leave. Ragunath says I don’t think your niece will ever get married seeing her antics, he tells him to keep her away from his family. Chacha says I promise to keep her away, he goes from there. Mandira smirks.

Shakti tells Shiv that he is doing a mistake by leaving his rights, you think you are doing the right thing but letting wrong happen with you is wrong too. You can’t leave your right like this. You can’t back down from a war and let evil win. Dadi says what rubbish are you saying? This is not a war, Keertan is our family too. Shakti says I am not saying he is evil, an evil can be a woman too. Shiv says what? Shakti says rememeber I wanted to tell you something that day? I think its time. Dadi asks what is she saying? Shakti recalls how Shiv trusts Mandira blindly. Shakti says I mean a war can be against a thought process too. People deserve a hospital where they are treated without worrying about money. I am sure Keertan and Mandira can run the hospital but nobody can run it like you. Rememeber how Keertan couldn’t treat that boy so do you think he can be a better MD than you? please don’t do this injustice with people. Dadi says she has twisted words but she is right, nobody can run the hospital like Shiv does. Shakti gives her a high-five.

Mandira shows the diamond cuffs to Ragunath and says I bought this for Shiv to give on a good occasion, I feel bad for him. Ragunath says you treat him like a son, anyone in your place would have abandoned him. Mandira cries and says don’t belittle my motherly love for him, I love him like a son. Ragunath says I don’t doubt it.

Shiv tells Shakti that he trusts Mandira and Keertan to run the hospital. Shakti whispers to herself that he won’t go against Mandira, she has to convince him with a proof. Shakti tells Shiv that if I prove that this is a deliberate attempt to trap you then you wouldn’t resign right? Shiv says I know that minister is behind all this. Shakti says I mean if I bring the criminal to you and prove that this is wrong happening with you then you would take my side right? Shiv says why are you worrying so much about this? your sister is getting married so focus on that. Shakti thinks that I am trying to save Shiv and Rimjhim both. She says I am not the one to leave my people when they are in trouble. I fight for people that I care about. She asks him to promise to not sign the resignation papers. Gayatri whispers to agree with her. Dadi says if she is ready to bring proof then at least promise to wait. Shiv promise to wait for her return and not sign the papers. Shakti gets happy and says I will come back before the time. She starts going from the window. Dadi asks her to go from the main gate but Shakti says I will come back from there. She jumps from the window just as Mandira and Ragunath come there. Mandira says Shakti? All are shocked.

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