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Scene 1
Shakti thinks she needs to expose Mandira and stop Shiv from signing the resgination. She connects her mobile with the USB and puts the CCTV footage in her phone.

Mandira tells Padma that the family looks happy and hopeful but they should be sad for Shiv so I don’t understand what’s going on. Padma says I am starting to doubt you.. Shakti keeps failing your plans. Mandira asks her to shut up and leave. Padma asks what is going to happen at 7:30PM? Mandira recalls how she went to the Guruji and he told her that she is going to fail. Mandira says what can be done? I can’t lose this chance? He told her the way to succeed is to control time. mandira says I will keep my fate in my control.. I will control the time and make sure that Shiv resigns exactly at 7:30PM

Ranjan arrives at Manorama’s house with his family for engagement. Rimjhim sees him and recalls her moments with Keertan. She is sad. Ranjan is looking around for Shakti. His brother asks where is Shakti? Manorama says she is getting ready. Rimjhim thinks Keertan shouldn’t have broken my heart.

The party starts and Keertan arrives there. Koyal is doing a live. The guests ask why the part? Mandira says just wait for sometime. Shiv arrives there all dressed up. Mandira is confused and thinks something is going on. Shiv checks time and Dadi is worried as its already 7PM. Mandira says why do they keep looking at time? they can’t be waiting for Shiv to resign. Mandira calls Mr. Mehta and asks him to arrive soon for resignation.

Manorama is looking around for Shakti, she comes to her and asks her to get ready, we don’t have time now so bring Rimjhim for engagement at 7:30. She leaves. Shakti says I have to go and stop Shiv’s resignation. They must be waiting for me.

Nandu tells Shiv that Shakti hasn’t come till now, we only have half an hour left. Dadi says what if Shakti can’t find the criminal? Shiv says no.. if Shakti promises something then she will follow it, I am sure she will come.

Ranjan is looking for Shakti and goes to the washroom. He starts looking around for Shakti and thinks to go to her room. Otherside Shakti jumps from the window and leaves before he could see her. He says Shakti is not here then where is she?

Mandira is waiting for Mr. Mehta, he arrives there with the board members. Nandu tells Shiv that they are already here and Shakti is nowhere to be seen.

Shakti is riding her scooty and going to Shiv’s house but a car hits and she faints on the road.

Shiv is waiting for Shakti and Dadi is worried for him. Mandira gathers everyone around and tells the guests that its time to announce something. Shiv has decided to go on a break and will resign from his MD and trustee position. All are shocked hearing that. Mandira says the new MD and trustee of the hospital is going to be Keertan. She thanks Shiv and congratulates keertan. Mr. Mehta takes out the resignation papers while Shiv is waiting for Shakti. Mandira asks Shiv to come and sign the papers. Dadi tries to stop him but Shiv says nothing can be done now, maybe this is my fate. He is about to sign his resignation.
The episode ends.

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