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Scene 1
Mandira asks Shiv to sign the papers. Nandu is waiting for Shakti. Shiv sees the time and thinks sorry Shakti but I need to sign now. He is about to sign his resignation but Shakti comes there and stops him. All are shocked seeing her. Mandira is confused seeing her. Shiv sees bruise on Shakti’s forehead and cleans it. She says I am okay. Shiv says I knew you would definitely come. They both stare at each other. Shakti says I found the proof so you don’t need to resign. I am not going to let you. Ragunath says how dare you come here? He scolds the guard and says I don’t want you near Shiv but how dare you hold his hand in front of everyone, you are so shameless. Shiv says at least listen to her. Ragunath says she can’t interfere in hospital matters. Shakti tells Shiv that she can hear all bitter comments but she won’t let him resign as he is the soul for that hospital. Mandira is angry that Shakti spoiled her plan. Keertan glares at Shakti and says I won’t spare her. Mandira tells Shakti that no one wants to replace Shiv but we don’t have a choice because of you only. The board has asked Shiv to resign. Shakti says but decisions can be reverted right? The board member says we all saw how they were staring at each other and still holding hands like a couple. What else do we need to see? Shakti and Shiv pull their hands back. The guests start joking about their affair. Ragunath is embarrassed hearing that. The board member says Shiv can do whatever he wants in personal life but if people don’t trust hospital trustee then we have to force him to resign for hospital’s betterment. The guest asks who is this girl? Another say she is a gold digger and even earned the scholarship from Shiv. The guest says Shiv is rich so she must have trapped him. The board member says her scholarship should be cancelled. The girls like her.. Shiv shouts what girl? The girl like her will give strength to other girls to fight for their rights, to go ahead of guys, the girls like her make their parents proud and shut down narrow mentality like yours. He goes to Shakti and holds her hand. He says the girls like her save lives and make sure people do the right thing. The girl like her fights like Shakti. Ragunath says this is the same girl because of who you went to jail and our family was insulted. Shiv says no.. you keep saying its her mistake. Shakti asks him to calm down and I know our God is with us. She tells Ragunath that she didn’t come to create any scene but he does that Shiv is innocent and shouldn’t be punished, you wouldn’t want injustice happening with him right and I am with you on that. That’s why I am here to prove his innoc. Mandira thinks she can’t let Ragunath go on her side. She whispers to him that we have to throw this girl out of the house as Shiv might get a panic attack and board people are getting frustrated too. We can’t let Shiv have an attack in front of all. Throw her out for our family’s honor. Ragunath says if she wants to prove something then lets give her a chance. If Shiv’s innocence is proven then he wouldn’t need go resign, you want that too? Mandira says ofcourse. Ragunath tells Shakti that he will give her one chance to prove that she is innocent and has upright character. Shiv smiles and is about to hug him but he stops him and says if you both prove your innocence then Shiv won’t need to resign and we won’t take Shakti’s scholarship back. Shakti thanks him for the chance and says I will prove that Shiv and I are innocent. She tells everyone that we were trapped, our news got published and then Shiv was jailed.. then him being forced to resign.. was all a plan by someone and that person is present here, she glares at Mandira. All look on.

the episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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