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Scene 1
Shakti tells everyone that whatever wrong happened with Shiv and I was planned my someone deliberately. Shiv says that minister right? Shakti says he was just a pawn but the mastermind was someone else. Ragunath asks who was it? Shakti says you won’t believe me and she apologizes to Shiv that he will be hurt when he finds out who it was because that person is in the party. She shows her mobile and asks Shiv to watch the video then he will find out who locked her in the room and who leaked their photo. Mandira gets scared. Shiv checks her phone and is about to open the video. Ragunath asks who is it? Shiv says there is no video in the phone, all are shocked. Shakti is confused and checks her phone but there is no video there. Mandira smirks and thinks she wanted to expose me but I won’t spare her, she doesn’t know that I have many eyes. Shakti is confused and says where did the video go? she looks at Mandira. Koyal comes there and stands with her. The flashback shows how Koual saw Shakti outside the house and bumped into her, she took her phone and deleted the videos before Shakti could react. Shakti thinks it means Koyal deleted the videos. Shiv says there is no proof. Mandira tells Ragunath that I told you this girl is just fooling Shiv. The board member says lets end this drama and do what we came here to do. Ragunath says we gave the chance to this girl but now Shiv has to resign. Shakti says I won’t let Shiv resign at any cost. Mandira takes Ragunath aside and says we can’t let Shiv’s secret come out as we will lose the hospital and our reputation so do something about this girl. Ragunath goes to Shakti and asks her to get lost, he pushes her and Shakti trips but Shiv holds her in his arms. They both stare at each other. Shiv goes to Ragunath but he tells him to shut up.. this girl has destroyed our peace and I have to throw her out of your life. Keertan says she deserves this. Ragunath tells Shiv that I gave a chance to her but she is just a liar and a scammer, just sign the resignation papers now. He calls Mandira and Keertan with papers. He asks Shiv to sign. Shakti sadly looks at him and stops him.. she says you didn’t do any crime so you shouldn’t sign, if you sign these papers then it means we did some mistake. Ragunath asks Shiv to sign the papers but Shiv says I won’t sign these papers.. I can’t let injustice happen with me. I will be doing wrong by letting others take my rights. I am sure that board members are good businessmen but I can run the hospital better than anyone else, this hospital is my dream and my family’s dream so I won’t sign the resignation. Mandira is angry and thinks I won’t let this chance go by, she hints at the board members. The board member says you agreed that if anyone brings shame to the hospital than he has to resign, if you don’t resign then we can file a case against you to take your medical license back. Shiv says I won’t resign, do what you want. Ragunath says fine.. you are giving orders to your father now? you are giving preference to outsiders more than your family, you can do what you want but I will do what’s right. If you don’t resign then you can leave this house. If you want the hospital then you have to leave your father so decide now. Shiv is shocked.

The episode ends.

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