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Scene 1
Manorama tells Shakti that you and Shiv were proven innocent but people will never forget about the news.. who will marry Rimjhim? if you loved us then why did you leave? I told you to not go there but you didn’t listen.. you have made a joke out of us. Who will marry Rimjhim now? do you even what happened here? The flashback shows how the engagement ceremony was about to start but Ranjan was looking around for Shakti. His brother asked Manorama about her, she said she will be here soon. Chacha said that they should do the engagement but Ranjan’s brother says we should wait for Shakti. Manorama says she is studying for her medicine so lets just do the engagement but a guest asked why can’t Shakti come here for a bit? I think she doesn’t care enough about the family. I think their family is filthy. Ranjan’s mother said that Rimjhim’s sister is not even here. His brother said she must have gone out to meet some boy. They started leaving but Manorama pleaded with them to not break the proposal. Rimjhim saw Manorama pleading with them. Ranjan thought to be a hero as he wanted Shakti and Rimjhim both. He thought to do a favor on them and then he wouldn’t say any word against him, he could leer at Shakti and they wouldn’t care. He thought to accept Rimjhim to get Shakti. He stopped his family. The flashback ends. Manorama says Ranjan convinced his family to stay back and you are blaming him? Shakti says you can say anything but I need to talk to Rimjhim first as its about her life. She takes Rimjhim from there. Ranjan thought to take them both.

Mandira calls someone and finds out that Rimjhim is marrying Ranjan Mishra. She says he used to work at our company and I fired him because he used to harrass girls. She asks her manager to send his details and ends the call. She says I will make Shakti and her family pay now.

Scene 2
Shiv asks Dadi to forgive Padma. I am already worried about Shakti, her sister was getting engaged but she left and came here to save me. Her Chachi would be scolding her, I feel like she is in trouble. Dadi says don’t worry too much.

Shakti talks with Rimjhim and says you can tell me that you are not happy with this engagement, its your time to speak up. If you get engaged then you can’t back out. A marriage should not be a compromise, you should marry a person who wouldn’t think twice before saving you, who would do anything for you, who would take a stand for you, who would live your dreams with you, who is just like you. She recalls everything about Shiv. She says there is nothing like that with Ranjan so tell me who is he that you love? Rimjhim recalls Keertan insulting her and says there is no one.. Shakti says I know you, I know you like someone and if you do this engagement then it will be injustice with you and that lover. Please tell me who is he that you love?

Mandira comes to her Guruji and says you were right, I couldn’t succeed because that girl destroyed my plan. Guru asks who dared to challenge you? Mandira says that girl Shakti is destroying my plans. Her name is Shakti Sharma. Guru says Shakti.. he chants her name and laughs. Mandira says why are you laughing? Guru says don’t you remember I told you that Shiv will get married to his Shakti and she will be your end. Mandira says I didn’t know her name would be Shakti. Guruji says she is your future and you couldn’t see? this is fate. If some people are made for each other then you can’t do anything about that. Shiv and Shakti are made for each other. Mandira is shocked to hear that.

The episode ends.

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