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Scene 1
Manorama tells Shakti that a girl and a guy can’t be friends. Rimjhim already got her heart broken so I don’t want the same fate for you. I know Shiv is a nice guy but have you seen his family? That Mandira and Ragunath are cruel people. She says I don’t want any drama in Rimjhim’s wedding, I never stopped you both from doing anything but I have to control you for some days. I don’t want any troubles for Rimjhim so control your heart. She goes from there. Shakti looks on and says I know what Chachi wanted to say.

In the morning, the doorbell rings, Shakti opens the door to find Shiv standing there. She says you? they both smile at each other but Shakti recalls Manorama telling her to control her heart. Ragunath comes there with Shiv. Manorama and the family come there too. Chacha welcomes Ragunath, Ragunath says I came here to apologize to you and your family. You came to do pooja in our house and I insulted you. I was wrong and shouldn’t have insulted your family like that. He says Shakti opened my eyes, we all thought Shiv and Shakti were wrong but she proved their innocence, she brought the truth out. Shakti keeps ignoring Shiv. Ragunath apologizes to Shakti, she stops him and says please don’t do that. Ragunath tells Manorama that I know you must be angry that Shakti came to our house but she saved our honor so forgive her. He says Shakti was a blessing for us, she is very unique and always stands up for the right. Shiv says Shakti is special. Manorama eyes them, Shakti ignores Shiv. He notices that. Chacha says please don’t apologize. Mandira comes there and says its good.. she asks Chacha to prove that he really forgave him. If you forgive us then you should allow us to come to Rimjhim’s wedding, we want to take part as a family, we want to help you people. Manorama says we don’t need anything. Ragunath says we can arrange the food in Rimjhim’s wedding. Manorama says its our wish to do our daughter’s wedding. Ragunath says if you need anything then let us know. Shiv says if we can’t help with money then we will help in arrangements as a family. Mandira says I am so excited, I will make sure this wedding becomes famous. She hugs Shakti and whispers that I am still in the game and will find my entertainment. Mandira says we should leave now. Ragunath greets them and leaves with Mandira. Shiv looks at Shakti and asks if there is any problem? She says no, its just you.. she looks at Manorama and leaves from there. Shiv tries to go behind her but Manorama stops him and says so you find my eyes like a villain? Shiv thinks if she heard him yesterday? He says I want to talk to you about something.. can I.. talk to Shakti. Manorama asks about what? he says about marriage. Manorama says you want to marry her? He says no no.. I want to help in Rimjhim’s wedding. Chacha says let him talk to her if he wants. Manorama says fine, she calls Shakti there and goes from there. Shiv tells Shakti that he wants to talk about his heart.

The episode ends.

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