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Scene 1
Guruji tells Mandira that some people are made for each other like Shiv-Shakti, he says I told that Shakti would enter his life but you didn’t listen to me. Mandira says you are right, Shakti is not a common girl and her entry in Shiv’s life was not a coincidence, I was a fool to not understand it, she comes everywhere to save Shiv. Since I met her from the first time, she kept destroying my plans and protected Shiv everywhere. Guruji says Shakti and Shiv are made for each other, they are each other’s strength and their togetherness is inevitable. Mandira says I won’t let it happen. Guruji says you can use all your power but you won’t be able to stop Shakti as Lord wants them together. Mandira says I don’t care about what Lord wants, I won’t let them become one.

Shakti probes Rimjhim to tell who she loves? Rimjhim cries and shouts yes I love him but he doesn’t love me. Shakti says he must be blind? who is he that doesn’t love my sister who is a babe? Rimjhim says he thinks I am not of his standard, that I am a cheap and poor girl. He is a doctor and from a very rich family.. how can I be paried up with Keertan? Shakti is shocked and says Keertan? Shiv’s brother? Rimjhim says yes, you remember when we went to the mandir? he came to me and proposed me. He went to our house with flowers but later on he taunted me and called me from low standard and threatened to never talk to him again. She says I have to get married to Ranjan because that’s my fate, I deserve a guy like Ranjan only. Ranjan comes there and says what do you mean a guy like me? I am way better than you. Manorama comes there too. Ranjan says I don’t want to do this engagement anymore. Manorama is heartbroken hearing that.

Shiv tells Dadi that I am already worried about Shakti and now you are asking Padma to leave the house. Nandu comes there with his luggage and says I am leaving the house, I just came to say bye to you both. He cries and touches Dadi’s feet. He hugs Shiv and asks him to take care. Shiv says you are not going anywhere. Nandu says Maa can’t be forgiven, she hurt you and didn’t even think about your dream, your hospital so its better that we leave now. He starts leaving but Shiv stops him and says you are not just my friend but my brother.. you were with me in every up and down.. I was all alone but you were always there with me, you made sure I kept smiling in pain too. You made sure I had food and medicines on time, you make my life easier but if you leave then it will be difficult again. Please don’t leave but Nandu says I have to.

Ranjan comes to his family and the guests.. he shouts that he doesn’t want to marry Rimjhim anymore.. she is a characterless girl and has an affair with someone else.. he left her so she is ready to marry me. She is a used woman and I don’t want that, I don’t want a characterless girl like her. Don’t know how many affairs she had. Shakti shouts to not say all that, you are characterless for saying these words for a girl. Manorama shouts at her to stop talking. Ranjan’s mother says my son is right, this Rimjhim must have done everything and is characterless. Another guest says their whole family is shameless. They all start leaving but Chacha says you must be mistaken, my daughter can’t be like that. Ranjan says you are just blinded and useless that you can’t even keep your daughters in control, she loves some Keertan. Ranjan’s mother says their one daughter had a photo in the newspaper and Rimjhim might have a video leaked soon. Ranjan’s brother asks what is he doing? he will lose Rimjhim and Shakti both. Ranjan says my days aren’t so bad that I will accept a used item (Rimjhim). He starts leaving but Manorama pleads with them to stop and says he must be mistaken.. she asks Rimjhim to clarify that she likes him. Ranjan gets Mandira’s call and shouts who is it? why do you keep calling? Mandira says I am your fate.. I am Mandira Kashyp. He is shocked to hear that and goes in a corner. Mandira says you remember why I threw out tof our company? Ranjan gets scared and says I never harrassed another girl.. I have become a saint after that, please don’t involve police. Mandira asks him to shut up and says I know you are in Shakti’s house. He says how do you know? Mandira says I know everything, I am waiting outside so come. Ranjan says I am busy. Mandira says you must be a loser to leave this opportunity, decide if you want to change your life or not. He says I am coming. She ends the call. Manorama is pleading with Ranjan’s mother to not break off the engagement. Ranjan goes from there, Shakti sees that and is confused. Mandira is outside in her car and says people keep talking about Shiv-Shakti but the couple will be Ranjan-Shakti.

The episode ends.

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