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The Episode starts with Payal emotionally blackmailing Bindiya and says she thought she will have sasural like this and will have husband like jiju and says my dream is broken. She goes. Bindiya thinks she has forgotten her sister’s pain and asks herself to think what Pallu is going through and promises herself that she will unite her with her love. Nikku tells Krish that both Bindiya and Payal love him. Krish says I have one heart only and asks what about my happiness? He says life is playing game with me, and says Payal is in my heart, and my heart asks why Bindiya is punished as she is my wife and responsibility now. He says he wants to give his life. Nikku asks if he is in his senses. Sakshi asks Indu why did Papa ji let Payal stay here? Indu says Papa ji should have slapped Payal and threw her out. Bindiya comes there and tells that Dadi sent gifts for them. Indu and Sakshi throw the gift on bed. Indu says we don’t want your gift. Sakshi says that too cheap. Bindiya apologizes to Indu. Sakshi says Pallu made us take care of herself and then she had wings and flew from here. Bindiya says Pallu is not well. Sakshi says I know a hospital where she can be treated. Indu asks Bindiya to ask Payal to stay in her limits, else she can change Baldev’s decision. Bindiya assures her. Indu asks her to take the gifts and leave.

Krish comes to the dining table. Indu asks did you sleep in night. Krish says when Pallu came in night, he slept outside on the bed without mattress so feeling back pain. Baldev says I am going as I have meeting with contractor. Bindiya stops him and apologizes for calling him from backside, and asks him to have food. He says there will be much traffic. Bindiya says I will pray that you get less traffic and asks him to have food. Baldev comes to the dining table. Bindiya serves him food. Baldev tells Indu that Teej is coming and that’s why she shall make arrangements of the celebration. Bindiya tells them about Hariyali Teej which is celebrated to mark the union of Sati and Shiv. Payal excuses herself. Krish is about to go behind her, but Baldev stops her. Payal swears to make Krish hers, before she celebrates Teej. Bindiya tells Baldev that Kaka is handling her fields and says she has to go and handle her fields. Indu tells Baldev that she will not bear if her bahu works in the field. Baldev says let her speak. Indu says she shall open parlour or boutique, so that I shall not feel ashamed to say that my bahu is a farmer. Bindiya tells that it is a matter of prestige, and tells that we get this food due to the farmers. Payal gets irritated. Baldev says I have no problem with your farming. Bindiya says I will not let your head lowered, and I will not let my work come before the responsibility, and will be good bahu. Baldev says I will leave. He blesses Bindiya. Bindiya asks Krish and Vikram, if they are not going with Babu ji. Baldev hears and thinks what Indu didn’t tell her sons, my bahu told and says I will wait for the day when my sons come with me. Vikram asks her not to interfere and asks her to go and do farming. Krish says Bhaiyya. Sakshi asks Vikram not to over react and asks bindiya to have food with them. They sit to have food. Sakshi tells the family that Krish and Pallu used to stay in the same college, and says Bindiya must have known. Bindiya says I didn’t know and asks if they didn’t meet in college. Krish tells that it is a big college. Sakshi says you have one in lakhs and popular and says you have studied 3 years course for many years. Krish says they didn’t know each other. Sakshi asks Pallu if she knows Payal. Payal coughs. Bindiya laughs and says Payal is Pallu.

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