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The Episode starts with Payal asking Bindiya if she thinks that she will apologize to her. She says you have to leave from this house. Bindiya says you have shown your real intentions to me, and tells tha Babu ji has kept Ganapati sthapatha, and says after his visarjan, I will send you away from here, else change my name. Payal says if I don’t throw you out away from this house and suhaag then change my name. Bindiya says lets see who wins, your stubbornness or my trust. Krish comes running and shouts Payal. Indu says if your papa hear then he will get unwell. Sakshi says they are strange to do drama. Krish rushes to Payal’s room and finds her clothes missing from the cupboard. He finds her letter, that she is going to Chirayya and will be happy to be his suhaagan for a day. He cries and gets angry on Bindiya. He shouts Bindiya and comes downstairs. Sakshi says he went calling Payal and then coming back calling Bindiya. Krish tells Indu that Bindiya has thrown Payal out, and asks her to see the letter. He says he will punish Bindiya for this, but first will bring Payal. He leaves from the house. Indu says don’t know whose bad sight fell on this house. Sakshi says it is the two wives fault and says both wives are runaway girls. She says Payal left home and Bindiya is missing. Bindiya is bringing Ganapati home and is walking with the processsion. Krish calls Payal. Payal sees his call. Bindiya prays to Ganapati Bappa to give her strength so that she can fight this war and win too.

Payal is sitting in the park and tells that she will not go anywhere, and is doing this drama so that she can throw Bindiya out and then will rule on the house. She then messes up her hair, scratches her neck and shoulder, and tears her dress. Krish prays to God to make him meet his love. He looks at the procession, but doesn’t see Bindiya. He folds his hands seeing Bappa’s idol and sits in his car again. Payal says you are egoistic about being suhaagan, now it shall be decided who is Krish’s real suhaagan. He sees a girl boarding the bus and runs to stop her, thinking her to be Payal, but she is someone else. The girl asks what happened, if you don’t have mind. Krish says sorry and goes from there. He sees Payal crying sitting on the stairs in fear. He runs to her and asks what happened to you Payal. Payal acts to cry and hugs him. He asks her not to cry. He makes her sit on the bench and then makes her drink water. She asks if Bindiya did something. Payal says those goons looted me, and has stolen my bag, and tells that she has saved her respect somehow. Krish asks her to relax and says he will take her home, it is your house too. He asks her to get up and come. Bindiya enters the house holding Ganapati Bappa and smile on her face.

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