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The Episode starts with Bindiya making Paneer pakodas and thinks she will bring smile on Payal’s face again. Payal looks at herself in the mirror (face changed) and says I want to slap you hard, but I am afraid that if the face gets stained, then how you will live queen’s life and how people will call me moon without a stain. She says my plans have failed till now, but this defeat will not let me accept defeat, and says baba used to say that the swing moves backwards and then comes forward too. She says you have kept me behind Bindi, but I will put you behind. She says this is my first Teej as Krish’s wife, and looks at his photo and thinks to get closer to him, says this Teej’s puja will be done by your Suhaagan Payal and not Bindiya. She comes to the kitchen. Bindiya asks do you need anything? Payal says nothing. She is about to collide with Bindiya. Bindiya says Kheer would have fallen down. Payal goes to the fruit basket and is about to take something. Bindiya says I will cut it. Payal says I will cut it myself and asks her to do her work. She leaves her phone there and goes. Bindiya thanks Ambe Maa and says you have ended my tension to get number. She thinks where to write. She then begins writing the number on the kitchen slab with haldi. Payal comes there and asks her not to touch her phone next time. Bindiya thinks she couldn’t write the number fully and thinks to find some other way to reach her boyfriend. She thinks I will make my Pallu get her love back.

Payal asks the servant to send Jiju to terrace, and tell him that Vikram is calling him. She looks at the knife in her hand. Bindiya tells Indu that she has made everything. Indu is surprised. Bindiya says I can do anything for your pride and respect. Sakshi says if anyone sees her, then all the taste will go. Indu asks her to go and get ready, and wear her jewellery. Bindiya says ok. Indu’s American return friend Mamta comes there and sees Bindiya going inside the house. She comes to Indu and Sakshi. Mamta asks Indu to ask the Servant to make tea for me. Indu is about to tell her that she is her bahu, but Sakshi stops her and asks Bindiya to go and bring tea for them. Bindiya gets hurt and goes inside. Mamta hugs Indu and says we are waiting after a long time. Indu says she is happy to see her. Sakshi calls her Mamta ji. Mamta asks her to call Aunty. Sakshi says she is very pretty. Mamta says she is very angry with Indu, as she got krish married without her presence. Indu says you know Krish’s father. Mamta asks where is Krish’s wife? Sakshi says she is not at home and says she is newly married so she goes to the functions. She says I will make you meet her next time. Mamta says sure.

Krish is coming to the terrace. Payal thinks how I will do this? She thinks she has to do this? Krish comes there and calls Vikram. He thinks he called me and he himself is missing. Payal asks herself to do it, as she wants to live lavish life, wants to fulfill her dreams and wants to marry her. She says she has to bear the pain and cuts her finger. Krish comes there and sees her hand bleeding. He asks what did you do? He says so much blood is flowing? Payal asks him to leave her, and says I didn’t do it intentionally and tells that her finger got cut while she was cutting the apple. Krish ties cloth on her hand and says I thought you tried to suicide again. Bindiya thinks Maa ji and bhabhi haven’t introduced me to the guest and thinks they might have felt ashamed. She looks at herself and thinks she is not wearing proper clothes or jewellery. Payal says I can bear any pain, but can’t see your pain. She says Bindi is your responsibility and she deserve your love and care. Krish says I don’t know who has right on me or not, but I know that you have divided me. He says when the mistake is ours, then why Bindiya shall be punished. Payal smiles. Krish says I love you, and is roaming as Bindiya’s husband. He says you have divided me into two halves, Payal. Payal acts and says I am so sorry, I didn’t do this intentionally, this was destined to happen. Krish says he wants to change his destiny and wants to marry her, and wants to live with her all life. He says some miracle shall happen and we shall unite. Payal holds his hand and says in this birth, you are just of Bindi. Krish hits his hand on the wall angrily. Payal smiles and says I will celebrate Teej.

Sakshi tells Mamta that Vikram doesn’t have time, so they don’t go anywhere. Mamta asks her to take out time and come with him. She praises the food taste and says one thing is missing, ie. Tea. Bindiya comes there ready in nice saree and jewellery, and says this is your tea. Mamta gets up and asks who are you? Bindiya says she is this house choti bahu.

Precap: Mamta apologizes to Bindiya and hugs her. She tells Indu that she has changed, and says human shall not act so much that they forget their reality. Indu gets upset with Bindiya for getting her insulted, and calls her burden on them. Krish hears them. Bindiya cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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