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The Episode starts with Sakshi asking Vikram to take initiate in business and says you have first right on home and business. He says we will rule after Papa. Indu comes there and says she couldn’t get ready for the festival. Sakshi says you are looking good event hen and asks where is Payal? Indu says she must be getting ready. Dadi, Phoolmati and Rose come there for Ganapati Pujan. Dadi prays for Bindiya’s happiness. Indu, Sakshi and Vikram ignore them. Indu’s friends have come. Indu asks Sakshi did you invite them? Sakshi says no. Indu and Sakshi welcome them, but still ignores Dadi and others. The lady tells that they heard about Ganapati Sthapana and that’s why they came. Sakshi asks Servant to bring tea and snacks. Phoolmati tells Dadi that how they are treating them and us. Rose says they are kitty friends. Phoolmati feels bad. Dadi says it is Bindiya’s sasural. The guest lady asks where is your bahu? Sakshi asks which one. And then says she must be getting ready. Indu and Sakshi go to side. Indu asks if they come to know about Payal and says don’t know what God wants. The ladies gossip that the news is right or not that Krish married Payal. They think to ask Servant, but stop. Bindiya gets ready and applies sindoor in her maang. Payal takes the sindoor bottle in her hand and applies sindoor in her hairline. She looks at her neck as she is not wearing anything. Phoolmati asks Dadi why she is worried. She says even I can’t digest that both sisters are here, and says two swords can be kept in one. Krish touches Dadi’s feet. Dadi asks where is Bindiya? Krish asks Servant to bring tea and snacks for them.

Krish asks Payal to get ready and asks where is her jewellery? Payal says she don’t want to wear fake jewellery and that’s why didn’t wear it. Krish says I will come soon and goes. He goes and brings the necklace, and makes her wear it. He then makes her wear gold bangles and says you got acceptance by our family, and says I have to just ask her permission. He says this jewellery and everything is yours, as you are this house bahu. He hugs her. Payal looks at the bangle. Krish asks her to get ready and come, and goes as Indu calls him. Payal thinks today you gave me necklace, and you will soon give me everything.

Bindiya comes to Baldev’s room and says I am going to do puja, and tells that she is sad that he is not coming for puja. She asks him about the medicine. He says it is real medicine. She says you shall not take it and says she will keep it. Baldev says he will keep and take the medicine, and it falls on the floor. Servant brings tea and gives him. Bindiya and Payal come to face to face. Payal asks Bindiya to look at her necklace and says it is the proof of your defeat and that the family has accepted me as the bahu, and Krish made me wear it with his love, and asks Bindiya to have some shame and leave from here, and says you have no weapon and strength. Bindiya says I have a big power, Suhaagan’s shakti. She says baba used to think that we think the enemy as weak, then it is our mistake. She says I am not foolish and knows that the call didn’t connect to Krishna ji mistakenly.

She says you want to make me fall in Krishna’s sight, you can get victory for sometime, but the truth and goodness wins eventually. Payal says you are very clever, the thing which Krish couldn’t understood, you understood it and asks if you want to fight with me, and asks her to fight and says it will be fun. She says my score is 1 and your score is zero. Bindiya says you will repent very much and you will not get anything. Payal says your saying will not come true. She says I will get all the rights, like I got this necklace. She says I got the right to sit with Krish for Ganapati puja. Bindiya says Krishna ji has promised Babu ji, that he will sit with me, and says he might not fulfill his promise, but I am sure of it and will sit with him as I am his suhaagan.

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