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The Episode starts with Bindiya introducing herself as the choti bahu of the house. She touches Mamta’s feet. Mamta blesses and hugs her. She then apologizes to Bindiya for misunderstanding her. Bindiya tells her that it is not your mistake and says while making food, I had messed up with my looks and anyone can misunderstand in this situation. Mamta asks did you make all the food? Bindiya says yes. Mamta says I didn’t have such a tasty paneer tikka before. Bindiya says thank you. Mamta says you say thank you also so cute. She tells Indu that she shall have corrected her misunderstanding and starts praising Bindiya to be simple, has good values and talented girl. She says I didn’t get time to exchange currency, so I will give dollars as shagun. She offers dollars as Shagun. Bindiya says she wants her blessings, and nothing is precious than blessings. Mamta gets touched and tells Indu that she was moody, used to show tantrums, but her heart was pure and truthful, and they became friends due to that, and tells that lie and show off life gets shattered with a wind. Sakshi says it is not Mummy ji’s mistake. Indu asks her to have dinner before going. Mamta says next time, she will have food and paneer tikka made by choti bahu. She says she will leave now. Bindiya asks her to take care. Mamta leaves. Sakshi scolds Bindiya for playing her strategy of Saas V/s bahu, and asks if she did this intentionally to insult Mummy ji infront of her friend. Bindiya says she will never do this. Sakshi says you have taken revenge from Mummy ji, and says this is called snake is killed and the lathi is not broken.

Bindiya says I thought to dress up well first and then introduce myself so that Maa ji’s respect don’t ruin. Indu shouts calling her illiterate and says I got my diamond like son married you, though you have many flaws due to Baldev ji. She says you are burden on this family. Sakshi smiles. Indu goes from there to her room. Krish hears and sees Bindiya crying. Bindiya wipes her tears and takes the snacks plates to the kitchen. She cries even there. Krish comes there and keeps hand on her shoulder. Bindiya wipes her tears and asks if you need anything. Krish takes water in the glass and asks Bindiya to drink it. Krish says you say big things and you don’t understand even small thing, that it is difficult to hide tears and smiles, and says I saw everything with my eyes, and says I don’t believe that Mummy talked to you like this, I am surprised with her behavior. Bindiya says I can’t think even in my dream that Maa ji thinks me as burden and says she scolded me, I didn’t feel bad, as she has right on me, but I am very sad that she don’t like me, and it is very unfortunate for me.

Krish says I will go and talk to Mummy, why she scolded you badly. Bindiya says no, and says I will go and talk to her. Krish says my mother will understand me better. Bindiya says when a son talks to his mother about his wife, then the mother thinks that her son is going away from her, and don’t think about right and wrong. She says I don’t want her to get this pain. Krish says you talk so big, from where you learnt this. She says she has learnt this with experience, and says everything will be fine soon and asks him not to worry. Krish says it is wonder that you are smiling, even though you hurt and says everyone shall learn from you. Bindiya sees blood on his hand and asks him to show his hand. Krish says this is not blood, but red color and asks her to chill. He says you saw the red color and started shouting blood, as if someone murdered me. Bindiya keeps hand on his mouth to stop him from saying more. Payal comes there and sees them together. Bindiya says don’t say this, you shall get my life too. She says I got worried seeing this blood. Payal thinks I am bearing the pain and you are taking advantage.

Baldev comes home. Bindiya gives him water and asks if you are fine. He says Ishwar told me that Indu behaved badly with you. Bindiya says no, she has right on me and asks him not to get angry, as Baba used to say that the decision taken in anger will result regret, when any problem can be solved with intelligence. She says she will make everything fine. Baldev says I will talk to her. Bindiya asks him to Chill, and says Krishna ji says this. Baldev laughs and says chill. Bindiya asks him to freshen up and says she will make tea for him. Baldev comes home. Indu says your sanskari bahu made me insulted today. Baldev asks her to chill and asks her to make tea for him sometimes. Indu asks him to hear her. Baldev says when the people stay here, then something will happen and asks her to chill. Indu gets upset and goes. Bindiya makes tea and takes to Baldev and Indu’s room. She asks Indu where is babu ji? Indu asks if I am watchman to know everything. Bindiya serves tea in the cups and tells Indu that she has brought her favorite tea of jaggery and ginger. Indu keeps the cup on the table. Bindiya holds her ears and says I know today you are hurt because of me, and says I can’t think of hurting you in my dreams, and says if anyone hurts her mother. She says my intention was not bad, and says you are the root of this family and we are the branches. She says if root is hurt then the branches get dried it itself, and asks how can I hurt you. She apologizes to Indu.

Precap: Bindiya comes to Payal’s college and enquires about her boyfriend. Canteen guy gives her Krish’s number. Payal’s friend informs her about Bindiya enquiring about her. Bindiya calls Krish and says hello.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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