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The Episode starts with Bindiya getting worried for Payal. She comes to baldev and requests him to give her permission to go out tomorrow. Baldev laughs and says someone is taking my permission for the first time. He asks her to go by car. She says she will go by auto. He insists. Bindiya says ok. She comes to Krish and says she will do mustard oil massage. Krish refuses and asks her to go. Payal sees her innerself in the mirror and asks her to see what Bindiya does with Krish in bedroom. She asks her to work hard to become rich, and make them separate. Payal shouts and says she will be the queen of the house, everything is hers, she will rule on it. Bindiya comes to her room again and brings warm mustard oil in the bowl. She sees Krish slept, and thinks to massage his back so that he gets relieved. Krish feels pain while Bindiya massages his back. Payal comes there and pushes the door. She sees Bindiya massaging Krish on his back. She gets shocked and thinks oh God, what did I see, if my doubt is coming true, then I have to leave Krish and this house. She says you don’t know what I am going to do Bindi. Krish wakes up and asks Bindiya why she massages his back. He says I don’t have pain. Bindiya says you have pain. He asks if you are Doctor or Xray machine. Bindiya says I am your wife and I felt your pain. Krish says bad smell is coming from my body. Bindiya says you got relieved. Krish says no, and asks him to leave him. Payal puts garbage stuff in AC generator. Bindiya hugs Krish hearing the sound. Krish says Bomb is not exploded, and says AC stopped working. He says he can’t sleep here, and goes.

Payal waits for Krish in her room, and thinks her plan is successful. She opens the door and sees Bindiya and Krish. She tells Payal that if they can sleep in her room, as Krishna ji can’t sleep without AC and her room AC is not working. Payal says I know. She say only one of you can stay in the room, and shows her the bed, which is half wet. Bindiya asks how did the mattress get wet? Payal says she fell down holding the water jug and the water fell down on the bed. Bindiya asks Krish to sleep here and says I am habitual to sleep without AC or fan. Krish comes inside. Bindiya sees Payal’s injury and gets worried for her. She blows on her injury, and says I will bandage your finger. She asks Krish to rest. Payal thinks she has stopped them tonight, but she shall do something big.

Next day, Bindiya is going out. Sakshi comes out and stops Bindiya. Bindiya says I will drop you. Sakshi says you are upgraded to luxury car from tractor. Bindiya asks her to take the car and says I will go by auto, and says if you don’t get the car then you can’t go out. Sakshi goes in car. Baldev hears them and laughs, and thinks Bindiya is not greedy for luxuries and comfort, and also she just wants love. He thinks to make everyone know about it. Bindiya comes to Payal’s college and enquires about her. Payal’s friend comes to her and asks who are you? Bindiya says she is her sister. Friend says she is an orphan. Bindiya says it is a long story. The friend asks her to wait for her in the canteen as she has to go for lecture now. Bindiya goes to the canteen and sees some guys, and thinks Payal’s love must be one from them.

Payal gets a call from someone, and comes to know from the lady came to enquire about her. Payal thinks Krish’s witch bhabhi must have been enquiring. She sees Sakshi returning after shopping, and calls someone to enquire about the lady. The friend sends Bindiya’s photo.

Precap: Bindiya calls Krish to meet him. He comes to the college. Payal gets worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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