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The Episode starts with Krish taking Baldev to his room after the puja. The ladies tell Indu that they will leave now. Bindiya asks them to wait and says she will bring prasad. She gives them prasad and they leave. Krish comes to Payal and says he didn’t want to sit with Bindiya for puja. Payal tells him that she wants to tell him something important and says Bindiya was giving multi vitamin tablets instead of heart attack tablets. She instigates him against Bindiya. Krish comes to Bindiya and asks what is her new drama? Bindiya asks what you are saying? Krish shows the multi vitamin and heart attack medicine. He asks if these are the same medicine which you was making Papa eat. Bindiya says yes. Sakshi says she was playing with Papa’s health. Vikram asks what happened? Krish tells that Bindiya was not giving the prescribed tablets to Papa and was giving wrong tablets to Papa. Payal asks how can you give wrong medicine to papa ji and says Krish is feeling that you are doing this intentionally, so that you can stay here. Dadi asks her to keep her mouth shut and tells that Bindiya regards Baldev ji as her father and says she will never do this. Payal says Bindiya is illiterate, she must have done unknowingly. Indu says it is a sin. Krish says it is a crime and you are supporting her. Indu asks Bindiya to say. Sakshi says Bindiya is silent and silence means acceptance. Krish asks her to say. Bindiya thinks if I tell the truth then the finger will be raised on Babu ji. She apologizes to Ambe Maa in her heart and lies that she didn’t know what medicine to give. Payal says it is good that I came to know about it. Krish tells Bindiya that she don’t have any sense or responsibility in her, and asks why you have snatched it. Bindiya says I didn’t snatch the responsibility, but Babu ji himself gave me the responsibility. She asks who will take care of Babu ji and says he gets unwell seeing Payal. Krish says I will take care of Papa even after you go, and that’s why I will take care of Papa. Bindiya says you have to stay with babu ji for 24 hours. Krish says he is my Papa and I can do anything for him. He says from now, you are not needed. Indu asks Bindiya to ask her family to leave, and takes Krish from there.

Bindiya is in the inhouse temple. Payal comes to her.

Bindiya is coming to Baldev’s room. Krish gives him medicine. Bindiya thinks to stop Krish somehow. She recalls Doctor’s words. Baldev tells Krish that he will have medicine in sometime. Krish says Doctor has already written in the prescription. She is about to go inside, when Pandit ji calls her. Bindiya thinks dharma is more important than karma, and babu ji can’t have the medicine. Indu stops her from going inside and asks if she didn’t hear that Pandit ji is calling her. Bindiya says I will meet Papa and go. Indu asks her to come. Krish insists Baldev to have it. Baldev says I will eat. Pandit ji asks Indu and Bindiya to bring bhog. Indu says ok. She asks Bindiya to listen to what Pandit ji said. Bindiya sits and does puja. She asks Ambe Maa to save her from this trouble and says if Babu ji had the tablet, then it will be a destruction. Krish says I will make you eat medicine. Baldev gets tensed. Krish is about to make him eat the medicine, when Bindiya comes there and throws the medicine on the floor. Krish gets angry and asks what is this misbehavior, how dare you to throw the tablets. Bindiya says I was doing my responsibility, by making Babu ji have medicine with the right way. Servant brings khichdi. Bindiya says I am not educated like you, but these medicines shall not be eaten on empty stomach and doctor had warned that it can be harmful if eaten on empty stomach. Baldev says that’s why I was hesitant. Krish says sorry. Bindiya gives multivitamin tablets to Baldev. Baldev asks him to lower the AC. Krish asks what you are doing? Baldev says I asked Bindiya to make me eat khichdi. Krish says I will make him eat it. Bindiya asks him to make him have it and then medicine. Krish asks if you are a teacher to teach me. He makes Baldev have the food. Indu gets emotional and says everything becomes fine with Ganapati’s arrival. Krish makes Baldev have the medicine which Bindiya had replaced.

Payal comes to Indu and thanks her for accepting her and giving her respect. She says I found a mother in you and thanks her for giving her the necklace. She says whatever Bindiya wants happens, and that’s why I couldn’t sit in puja. Indu says only I will rule here. She brings Payal to Bindiya and tells her that it is Payal’s responsibility to take care of Akand jyoot.

Precap: Bindiya prays to God to give her strength to fight her war. Krish gives divorce papers to her, which she burns and walks away from there.

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