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The Episode starts with Canteen owner coming to Bindiya and asking if she is new student here. Bindiya says no, and tells that she came to ask about her sister Payal Misra’s friends. The guy tells that Payal used to come here with a guy. Bindiya asks for the guy’s number and says it is for their betterment. The guy gives her Krish’s number. Bindiya thanks him and leaves. Payal’s friend comes there and thinks her sister has left. Bindiya is in the auto and calls Krish from her phone, but the call doesn’t connect. She asks for auto rickshaw’s phone and calls him from his phone. Krish picks the call. Bindiya says hello…she is Payal’s sister and wants to meet him in Kuku café. Krish looks on. A guy comes there and calls Bindiya. He says he is Rudra, and says you have called me. It shows that she had called Rudra. He says lets sit and talk.

Krish thinks credit card guys trouble a lot. He hears Baldev telling Ishwar that first they go to Tulsipur and then will go to factory, and says both work are important. Ishwar says both cities are in different direction and says you will be tired. Baldev says I don’t have time to get tired. Krish recalls Bindiya’s words and asks Baldev if he can come with him for work. Baldev, Indu and others get surprised. Baldev asks if I am dreaming. Krish says no, I thought that I shall come with you and that’s why I said. Baldev says my ears are yearning to hear this. Krish says Bindiya…and then says just like that. Baldev says I have understood before, that this is Bindiya’s magic. Krish says I will get ready. Baldev gets emotional and hugs him. He tells Indu that the change which she couldn’t bring in her son, is done by Bindiya. Indu says I didn’t do anything for your sons, and Bindiya only has brought up Krish. Baldev asks her not to start again and asks her to bring sugar and curd. Sakshi asks Vikram to go with him. Vikram says you asked me to take you to watch movie. Sakshi asks him to go for work. Vikram asks if I can come with you. Baldev says surely and says Bindiya’s affect is on everyone. Sakshi thinks she shall do something surely. Krish comes there. Indu makes him have curd and sugar. Baldev calls Bindiya, but there is no network. They leave. Sakshi instigates Indu about Bindiya, saying Krish is following her.

Bindiya tells Rudra about Payal. Rudra asks what she would like to have. Bindiya says nothing. Rudra goes to order food for himself. Payal comes there wearing burqa and collides with him. She lifts the veil and scolds him for wearing such clothes. She says it is good canteen owner called me and told about Bindiya. The canteen owner clicks Bindiya’s photo and sends to Payal. Payal asks him to tell her that he is married now and nothing can be done. He asks her to pay for his snacks. Rudra comes back to Bindiya. Bindiya asks if he is married. Rudra says no and then thinks what he said. Payal looks angrily at him.

Baldev tells Krish and Vikram about their three main contractors. Krish checks the details. He feels sleepy. Baldev asks what happened? Krish says he is feeling sleepy hearing about cement, bricks etc and says his learning power is less, that’s why he took many years for his graduation. Baldev asks him to see and learn.

Bindiya asks Rudra what happened? Rudra says he is not married, but his marriage is fixed by his family. Bindiya asks if you love Payal even now. Rudra gets worried. Bindiya asks if you are the same guy, whom Payal loves or if I met the wrong person. Rudra says I love Payal, but my family has fixed my marriage with someone else. Bindiya asks him to think as his decision can ruin three lives, and asks him to think about the girl whom he will marry, and asks what is her mistake, why you want to punish her. Payal signs him. Rudra says I am helpless and can’t go against my family. He says my family has done all the arrangements. Bindiya says if you are hesitant to talk, then I will talk to your family. Payal signs Rudra. Rudra says I will go to washroom and come. Payal goes behind him. Krish tells Baldev that he wants to drink coffee and then he will become active. Baldev says ok. Vikram smiles. Ishwar stops the car outside the café. Krish asks them to sit and says he will bring the coffee.

Precap: Payal asks Rudra to take Bindiya out fast seeing Krish. She thinks if Krish sees Bindiya then she will be exposed. Suddenly glass breaks,and Krish is about to see Bindiya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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