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The Episode starts with Bindiya searches for the ancestral necklace, but couldn’t find it in her room. She gets worried and thinks where to search it. Sakshi thinks it will be fun now. Indu asks Bindiya why she is not yet ready, and asks her to wear the ancestral necklace. Bindiya says she was searching it. Indu says it is not there. Bindiya says it must be in the room, as I had kept it there. Indu asks her to be quiet and asks if the necklace reached the jewellery shop itself. Indu asks the jeweller Manichand to show it. Manichand shows the necklace and says a guy had come to sell this necklace in my shop. Payal thinks how did this happen. She recalls seeing Bindiya keeping the necklace in the almira, when she had went there to give her blouse. She sees Bindiya keeping the keys under the bed. She then comes to the room after sometime and steals the necklace. She thinks why did Rudra go to sell the necklace here? The jeweller says I paid the money to the guy and came here to show you, as I know what this necklace means to you. Vikram says the outsider knows its value, but you didn’t know, it is a limit. Baldev asks Bindiya to say. Indu asks her to say. Sakshi says from where she got the money for her sister’s jewellery and clothes. She says a person steals something for the short cut to arrange money.

Bindiya says you are calling me as thief? Indu shouts yes. Bindiya says Maa ji, I didn’t study in big school or college, but I have learnt honesty lesson since childhood. She says my baba used to say that it is better to die hungry, rather than steal someone’s money or begging from others. Krish comes there and asks what happened? Sakshi tells him that Bindiya lost ancestral necklace and the jeweller said that someone had sold it in his jewellery store. Krish asks if you think that Bindiya has stolen it and says whoever is saying this, shall upgrade their thoughts. Indu scolds him. Krish tells that Bindiya can’t even think of stealing it, and reminds her that when she had gifted her bangles before marriage, Bindiya returned it to you. Indu says you thought her honest that’s why. Sakshi says habit and intention can change. Krish says can change, but not of Bindiya who is selfless, honest etc. He says there is some other matter. Sakshi says if this is the case then shall get the Police complaint done. Payal gets shocked and says Police. Sakshi asks what happened? Payal says today is my marriage. Indu says she wants the thief to be exposed. Baldev says they shall not call the Police today. Vikram says we can’t take it lightly. Baldev says I will enquired it, and will reach the thief. He says today is bahu’s teej festival, along with Pallu’s marriage. Payal thinks she shall do something to stop him.

Baldev tells the jeweller that he wants to buy necklace from him. Bindiya stops him, and tells the jeweller that she will pay him all the money, and asks him to take the farm papers as the surety. The jeweller refuses to take the papers and says her words are valuable for him. He goes. Baldev says this is Bindiya, and praises her. Krish comes out and asks the jeweller if the guy was regular customer or known to him. Jeweller says he doesn’t know him, he had come for the first time. Krish asks him to get the footage from his store. The jeweller calls his employee and asks him to send the CCTV footage.

Payal calls Rudra and asks why did he sell the necklace to Shukla family jeweller. Rudra says he didn’t now and tells that there are many same necklaces. Krish sees Rudra in the CCTV footage and runs inside. Payal scolds Rudra and says we have to make this plan successful at any cost.

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