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The Episode starts with Payal asking Rudra to tell Bindiya that now she doesn’t talk to him. Rudra says he had slipped of tongue. He says he will arrange family. She says don’t make him meet anyone, and asks him to lies to Bindiya, and end the topic right here. She sees Krish coming there and gets worried. She thinks if Krish sees Bindiya with him then I will be exposed. She asks Rudra to take Bindiya outside. Rudra asks Bindiya to come out of restaurant and says he is feeling cold. Just then the glass falls down and breaks, because of Rudra. Krish is about to see Bindiya, but burqa clad Payal comes infront of Krish and asks him to help her, as she doesn’t know English. Krish says ok. Bindiya and Rudra go outside. Payal asks Krish what is it? Krish says burger and asks her to have garlic bread. He asks shall I order. Payal says no, I don’t want and goes. She goes out. Krish orders 4 coffees. Rudra tells Bindiya that he don’t want to meet Payal. Bindiya asks him to meet Payal once and says please. She insists him to meet Payal. Payal thinks Krish must be coming out and thinks she shall do something to get saved from this situation. She messages Rudra to agree to Bindiya. Rudra reads the message and says he will meet Payal. Bindiya says I will message you where and when? She goes. Krish comes out and gives coffee to Baldev, Vikram and Ishwar. He then tells Baldev that they shall go now. Baldev says it is very late now, but I want to take you somewhere else.

Sakshi tells Indu that she has planned everything for Teej. Indu is sad and says she thought to search Rajkumari for Babu, but what he got? Sakshi says illiterate girl. Bindiya comes home. Sakshi says she is roaming outside, while we are doing the arrangements. Bindiya asks them to tell what work shall be done. She says she will ask Payal to help. Sakshi says Payal is not at home. Bindiya calls Payal. Payal says she is in college and ends the call.

Baldev comes home and calls Bindiya. Bindiya, Indu and Sakshi come out. Baldev asks her to lift the cloth and see. He asks Krish to help her. Krish and Bindiya lift the cloth from the scooty. Bindiya gets happy to see it, and asks why did you bring it Babu ji? Baldev says today Krish came for work with me, and tells that he felt very proud today. He says I was about to get car for you, but some people wouldn’t have leave that, and that’s why I brought scooty for you. Bindiya touches his feet and says she used to like her father’s cycle and now she likes the scooty gifted by her babu ji. Indu says Krish went to do job and you are rewarding her. Baldev says I have rewarded him already and makes Bindiya stand with him, and says Krish has his life partner, who is his guide and will show him the right direction always. He asks Bindiya to ride the scooty. Bindiya brings aarti plate and does the aarti of the scooty, while Krish breaks the coconut. Baldev gives keys to Bindiya. Bindiya tells Indu that she is the head of the family, so she shall start the scooty. Indu hits on her hand to make the keys fall down. Everyone is shocked.

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