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The Episode starts with Bindiya telling Indu that she is born and brought up in village, but she is not illiterate. She says I understand everything, my happiness lies in this house happiness, and that’s why I pray to Ambe Maa for it. She says I regard you as my mother, I see my mother’s reflection in you, who has left me in my childhood. She says your smile gives me peace and says my heart gets restless and sad when you get upset with me. She says if you think that I did a mistake, then I apologize to you with my folded hands, and asks her to wear the jewellery, and says I can’t think of hurting you even in my dreams, and asks her to wear her jewellery. Vikram asks Sakshi to be careful. Baldev asks Indu to wear the jewellery, as she got the answers. Indu says she is troublesome, since she came here she is problematic. Krish thinks it is a limit, Bindiya’s tears are not melting her. Baldev goes behind Indu and tries to make her understand. He then asks her to give locker keys and says when you have given away your jewellery, you don’t have anything to do with wealth. Sakshi stops Krish and says this is women matter. She tells Bindiya that this is her destiny. Baldev asks Indu to wear it and goes. Sakshi tells that you can’t defeat Mummy ji. Bindiya says she wants to win her heart, and don’t want to defeat her. She says she has seen her love when she showers her love on Krishna ji. Baldev comes out and asks Sakshi to make her understand and asks her to wear the jewellery. Vikram says I will come with you.

Baldev asks him to call contractor and asks when is the meeting? Baldev tells Bindiya that he is happy, the way she replied to Indu without insulting her. He asks her to wear the jewellery, and asks her not to feel bad about Mummy’s anger, and says it comes and goes. He asks her to give sometime to Mummy. Bindiya sits down and wears her bangles, and jewellery. Krish asks her to chill, and asks if she don’t want to ride on the scooty. Bindiya says she don’t want to ride now. Baldev asks did you accept defeat? Bindiya says I want to lose everything and win Maa ji’s heart. Baldev says you will get success one day, and asks her to go out and smile for her. He asks Krish to go out with Bindiya. Krish says he is tired. Baldev says I don’t get tired even after doing so much work, but you get tired without any work. Krish asks Bindiya to come. Baldev asks her to ride the scooty with happiness.

Rudra asks Payal to give him all the money. Payal gives him money. Krish asks Bindiya to ride slow and gets scared saying if something happens to him. She says she can ride more faster, but follows the traffic rules, and don’t ride beyond 60 speed. She says our relation is to take care of each other. Aadha Ishq plays…..Krish holds her seeing the speed breaker, and asks her to lower the speed. She says ok and says she will take a U turn from there.

Rudra asks what you gave me, 200 Rs. He asks for 800 Rs. Bindiya and Krish are going from there on the scooty. Krish sees Payal with Rudra and asks Bindiya to stop and take reverse. Payal sees him and hides with Rudra. Krish looks for them. Rudra asks Payal if she will kidnap him. Payal asks him to be silent. Bindiya asks Krish, what happened? Krish says I saw Payal here with a guy. Bindiya says you might be having a misunderstanding. She says Payal is in then college. Krish says she is having holidays. Bindiya says she will call her. She calls her. Payal picks the call and says she is with her teacher, and ends the call. Rudra says you act good. Payal asks him to come with her. Krish says I saw Pallu here. Bindiya says you might be worried for her, and that’s why thought. She tells him everything about meeting Rudra in café shop. Krish says what is this joke? Bindiya says don’t you know Rudra, he studies in your college. Bindiya says I did this for Pallu’s happiness, and says when she meets him tomorrow, her happiness will be back. Krish asks Bindiya to go home and says he will come later. He goes in auto, to talk to Payal.

Sakshi goes to Indu and tells her that they shall not give importance to illiterate girl, and says these jewellery is the sign of your pride, and asks her to wear it for her. Indu says I wish my choti bahu would be like you, and says I wanted heera and I got zeera. Bindiya comes back home. Sakshi asks where is Krish? Bindiya says don’t know where did he go? Sakshi says Krish might be upset with you.

Precap: Payal says you are the reason of my pain, and says I don’t need you or your help. Bindiya asks her to go back to Chiraiyya then.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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