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The Episode starts with Payal coming home and asking Bindiya to come with her, as she needs to talk to her. Sakshi says now this illiterate girl got hatrick, first Indu, then krish and now her sister. She thinks Bindiya has to run. Krish tells Nikku that both sisters love each other, but don’t tell each other about their truth. He says which classes happens during vacation. Nikku asks if he is upset with Bindiya or Payal, and says Payal was with that girl, you might be feeling bad or jealous. Krish asks why I will be jealous. Nikku says I don’t need to drink bhang to know you, and says I know you are worried. Krish says who is Rudra? Nikku asks from where he came? Krish says according to Bindiya, canteen guy gave her his number. He thinks to find out.

Payal asks Bindiya what she wants to do, and tells that she don’t want to remember her past, and asks why you want to scratch my wounds. Bindiya says I have seen him yearning for him and feeling pain. Payal says I am fine and asks her to leave her. Bindiya says I know that love is still alive in you. Payal asks why did you go behind me to spy on me and calls her big betrayal. Bindiya cries and says I just want to help you. Payal says you just cares for yourself and wants to get rid of me so that you can live your life tension free, and says after coming here in this big house, your heart has become small and you have become selfish, and might be thinking why shall I stay here. Bindiya shouts enough and says you can’t understand. Payal says you do all the things of foolishness. Bindiya says it would be foolishness if I had left you. Payal asks then why didn’t you leave me, did you feel sympathy on me. Bindiya says this is not sympathy, but my love which you can’t understand by now.

Krish and Nikku come to the canteen guy. Krish threatens him to say the truth and asks why did he lie? The canteen guy says he lied as Payal asked him to lie. Krish is shocked.

Payal says she is happy. Bindiya says I know how to stay without our love, as I love Krishna ji so much and can’t think of staying away from him. Payal says you are the reason of my pain, and says I don’t want you or your help, this problem aroused as you met Rudra. Bindiya asks then why you are staying here, go to Chiraiyya. Payal thinks I shall not fight with Bindiya, as I am staying here because of her. She acts to cry and says she don’t want to meet him, as he is marrying someone else. Bindiya asks her to meet him once. She says you shall forget him and make a new start, and secondly you shall meet him. Payal thinks I will meet him and if I don’t like then I will end this chapter. Bindiya hugs her.

Krish asks who is Rudra? Canteen guy says he doesn’t know. Nikku lets him go and asks Krish to ask Payal. Bindiya asks everyone to have food. She calls Krishna and asks him to come. Krish says he will have food later, when he comes. Indu gets upset and tells that since the marriage, Krish don’t want to stay at home. Payal thinks it is good that Krish is away from her. Indu gets up and goes. Sakshi says this way Bindiya will save the food. Bindiya comes to room and asks Indu to have food. Indu throws the plate and asks her to leave.

Bindiya bends down and picks the food from the floor. She takes the plate and goes. Sakshi comes there and asks Indu to calm down, and provokes her further. Bindiya brings food again and asks Indu to have food. Sakshi asks didn’t you see that Mummy ji refused to have food and asks if she don’t feel ashamed. Bindiya says I will bring plate again, if Maa ji throws it. Indu shouts asking her to go. Bindiya asks Sakshi to make her have food, and says please. Sakshi makes Indu have food and asks Bindiya to go from there, as her smile goes because of her. Bindiya goes. Sakshi smirks.

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