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The Episode starts with Sakshi tries to convince Bindiya to wear the sandals for Indu’s happiness. Bindiya says she can do anything for Maa ji’s happiness. She wears it. Sakshi brings her out and asks her to sit. Krish is coming there. Rudra calls Payal. Payal rejects his calls, and then picks it and asks him not to call her again. She then blocks her number. Rudra tells that he shall tell Bindiya, how her sister is fooling her. Krish changes his car tyre and leaves. Payal thinks Payal’s aim is Krish. Waiter comes to Payal. Payal asks him to bring their favorite meal just as Krish comes, and plays their favorite song too.

Indu’s friends come to the house. Bindiya tries to get up and meet them, but she couldn’t get up due to the high heels. They taunt Bindiya. Sakshi whispers to Bindiya not to get up else she will fall. The guest ladies give shagun to Bindiya and tells that she is looking beautiful, it is Indu’s affect. They ask from which village she is? Bindiya says Chiraiyya. Sakshi then instigates Indu that bindiya is not meeting her friends, and if Papa ji’s friends had come then she would have meet them. Indu goes to Bindiya and asks her if she is stuck with gum. She asks her to get up and serve the snacks to the guests. Bindiya tries to remove her sandal, but Sakshi stops her. She gets up and starts serving the drinks to the ladies. Sakshi waits for Bindiya to fall, and recalls tearing the sandal heel, and sticking it with heel. Bindiya’s heel breaks, then also she manages to walk. Sakshi thinks to make her fall down in everyone’s sight. She pushes the candle on Bindiya’s way and makes her fall down. The juice falls down on the guest lady. Sakshi laughs. Bindiya says sorry. The lady gets upset and taunts Bindiya. The ladies ask Indu, why did she try to make her modern when she is desi. Sakshi smiles. Indu starts scolding her and asks why did you wear heels? Sakshi says I made her wear heels so that she looks good infront of kitty friends. Indu says you have kept crown on the monkey etc. Bindiya apologizes to her. Indu refuses to forgive her and goes. Sakshi says you couldn’t do anything well, and got me insulted. She goes.

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