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The Episode starts with Payal seeing Rudra. Rudra asks if you were expecting someone else. He says there is no medicine which makes the person bored from me, but there is a vaccine called money. Payal asks him to go from there. Rudra asks if this café is of your father, or you had bought it overnight. He says today I will take double 2000 Rs. Payal asks why? Rudra says so that you remember that he don’t bear his insult. Payal thinks Krish must be coming and asks him to go. Krish and Bindiya are on their way. Payal says she doesn’t have money now, and has just 600 Rs. Rudra says I will take just 2000 Rs, as it is my salary. Payal asks him to go yaar. He says you have called me yaar and tells that he don’t trust her even a bit, and asks for money. Payal says she doesn’t have money, and asks him to sit there itself. Rudra holds her hand and says it is not easy to get rid of me. Payal asks how dare you, leave my hand. Krish comes there and sees Rudra holding her hand. The waiter plays the song seeing Krish. Payal realizes Krish has come, and starts acting asking Rudra why did he touch her like this, and asks him to leave her hand. Krish comes to them and grabs Rudra’s collar asking him, how dare he to touch her. Payal asks Krish to leave her. Bindiya reaches there on her scooty and goes inside. Rudra asks how dare you to hold my collar and asks who are you? Bindiya comes near them and sees Krish saying if I give my intro then you will forget your info. Rudra says you are doing wrong. Krish asks if you did right by touching her, and is about to hit Rudra, when Bindiya shouts Krishna ji.

Phoolmati says we shall go to Bindiya’s sasural. Dadi says we shall take their permission. Phoolmati calls Indu. Sakshi picks the call and says hello. Phoolmati asks if we shall come to give Teej stuff. Sakshi asks her to come and ends the call. Indu asks Sakshi whose call it was? Sakshi says Spam call. She then deletes Phoolmati’s call from the call list. Bindiya asks Krish what is he doing here, and says you had gone for work.

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