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The Episode starts with Rudra asking Bindiya if he can take Payal to meet his parents so that he can clear everything, and says they shall think that his choice is high class. Bindiya asks him to talk to his parents first and then take Payal. Krish says Payal will not go anywhere. Rudra says my parents shall understand that I love her very much and requests Bindiya to let him take Payal. Dadi asks Rose to give water and says she is thirsty. Rose says she drank it already. Phoolmati says we are standing here since a long time. Dadi asks the watchman to give this stuff to Bindiya. They leave. Sakshi says she will show their value to them at every moment.

Krish tells Bindiya that the guy who doesn’t want to accept Payal sometime back, now wants her to meet his parents. Bindiya says no, as he tried to make her meet his parents, but she was late because of me. Rudra brings his bike and asks Payal to come. Bindiya asks Payal to go and says Ambe Maa will do everything good. Payal says I am doing this for you. Bindiya asks her to go. Rudra asks Payal to hold him tightly, as he drives bike faster. Payal appreciates Rudra for his acting. Krish gets upset. He asks Bindiya to sit in his car and says we have to follow them. Bindiya says she has come on scooty. Krish says I will get your scooty by sending someone. They sit in the car. Krish asks if you know Rudra? Bindiya says she doesn’t know him, but Payal loves him. Krish thinks Rudra is her life’s biggest lie. She says she will get their marriage fixed. Krish asks if you don’t care for Payal. Bindiya says she cares for her, that’s why approach Rudra. Rudra praises Payal and tells that she has said right that they will follow. Payal asks Rudra to take the bike in the narrow lane. Rudra takes the bike in the narrow lane, and Krish stops his car as it can’t go. Bindiya calls Payal, but she doesn’t pick the call, and asks Rudra also not to pick the call. Bindiya tells Krish that she don’t want any trouble in Payal-Rudra relation and asks Krish to come home.

Baldev asks the decorator to decorate the house well with flowers. Indu asks if he will make the house as garden. He says he wants to make it memorable for their bahu Bindiya. Bindiya tells Krish that tomorrow is her first Teej fast and she wants it to be memorable. She asks him to smile. He says his mood is off. She plays the song. He switches it off. Bindiya plays it again. They reach home. Krish goes inside. Bindiya is about to go, when the guard gives her stuff and says it is given by someone for you. Bindiya says ok. She thinks to ask Sakshi. The Servant comes to Sakshi and tells that Bindiya came with all the stuff brought by her family and says if she comes to know that they waited for long time and left. Sakshi asks her not to worry and says Dadi is also foolish like that illiterate Bindiya and they have no respect.

Bindiya hears them and says we are simple people, but that doesn’t mean that we are foolish. She says regarding keeping quiet and bearing everything silently, my father had taught me that there is no big weapon than silence, and there is no power than patience, and asks her to think how powerful such person is, and says I know my Dadi didn’t do any drama, as she values relation, and says she couldn’t walk for many years, but she came here to bring the stuff and was waiting here, she didn’t get respected here, but then also she went from here quietly, as arrogance lowers the other person’s head, but the good values believes in bending down their head infront of the loved ones. She says atleast you would have thought that guest shall be welcomed, and asks her to hurt her, but not her Dadi, as she can’t bear it. She says sometimes one has to keep silent for respect and asks her not to say that girl’s family doesn’t have any respect as you are also someone’s daughter. She apologizes to her and goes. Krish does boxing and thinks Rudra is very clever, he has to show his value to him.

Precap: Payal and Rudra take Dadi’s blessings. Krish says he wants to talk to Rudra.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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