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The Episode starts with Bindiya working for Teej and Payal’s mehendi. Krish thinks I will not let you ruin your life Payal. Bindiya talks to the guests well and says she will come in sometime. Indu’s kitty friends tell that her choti bahu is unique, can do any work and has smile on her face always. Other lady says she is really good. Sakshi gets jealous and thinks I will make her bad now itself. Krish looks at Payal and messages her, that he wants to talk to her. Payal is about to see the phone, but Bindiya snatches phone from her hand and asks her to live this moment, and choose the mehendi. Krish gets upset. Payal thinks Bindiya might read Krish’s message. Bindiya sees Dadi, Phoolmati and Rose coming there. She runs and hugs Dadi. Indu comes there and asks her to sit and get mehendi applied.

Bindiya gets Krishna ji written on her hand with mehendi, while Payal sees Krish standing and asks the mehendi designer to write Rudra on her hand. Sakshi thinks I am coming to change this happiness into sadness. She goes to the mehendi designer, and pushes her on Bindiya. Bindiya’s mehendi gets ruined. Indu starts scolding Bindiya. The lady says husband’s name is wiped off. The mehendi designer says I will correct it right now.

Krish comes out of the room. Everyone hears the fire alarm. Sakshi tells Baldev that the fire is lighted. Baldev says I will find out where it is lighted. Bindiya says I will come with you. Krish asks the guests to go out. The guests panics and go out. Payal watches him. He sends the mehendi designers too, and sends Dadi, Phoolmati and Rose too, and closes the door. Payal smiles and walks away from there. Krish comes behind him. Payal thinks I know Krish that you will go to any extent to get me. Krish holds her hand and makes her come infront of him. He holds her hand. Payal says if anyone sees us then there will be a trouble. Krish says I want to save you from the trouble and shows the CCTV footage in which Rudra is selling the necklace. Payal is shocked. Krish says Rudra has stolen necklace from our house and Bindiya got accused, and asks Payal to cancel the marriage. Payal thinks what to do.

Bindiya comes to the room and finds the smoke near the fire alarm. She comes out and tells Baldev that the smoke is coming out from his room. Baldev, Indu and others run and see the smoke near the fire alarm. He asks what is there. Bindiya climbs up and sees aarti plate kept on the almira. He says who has kept it here. Indu says someone must have kept it, and says there is so much house. Baldev says atleast fire is not lighted, and tells that they shall get the mehendi ritual done. They are coming out.

Payal asks Krish if you have lost it and says the guy is not Rudra, his face is not clear. She says Rudra can’t steal it. Krish says you are trusting him. She says just like you trust Bindiya. She says she will not break the marriage due to the fake allegations. Krish says you didn’t think about me and my love. Payal says even you got married to Bindi without thinking and asks if you thought.

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