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The Episode starts with Baldev telling that he will get Payal married during Teej festival. Bindiya says I value your emotions a lot, but I want to get Payal married on my own, and tells that it is my dream. Baldev says this is your house, and you shall get the marriage done from here. Bindiya says I don’t want to take any other help than this. She says Dadi told about Pandit ji taking out mahurat, and tells that she will call Rudra’s family and will also inform Dadi that the marriage will happen here. Krish thinks to talk to Payal. Phoolmati tells Amma that the thing is happening so fast. Dadi says we can’t handle Payal anymore, and that she is very happy with this alliance. She says whatever happening is good. Rudra comes to Payal’s room climbing the window. Payal closes the door and window and asks why did you come here? Rudra says your groom will not come for marriage. Payal asks why? Rudra says I don’t trust you, and asks her to give money first for the drama. Payal asks from where I shall get the money. Krish comes there and knocks on the door, asking her to open the door. Payal asks Rudra to hide in the almira, if he wants money. He hides in almira. Payal opens the door. Krish gets inside and closes the door. Bindiya has done all the arrangements and thinks she didn’t check the blouse size. Krish asks Payal why she is getting married to that nautanki, and asks if you have forgotten my love so soon. Payal says do you realize that I feel pain to see you married, and I am your sister in law now. Rudra looks at them. Payal says you will not move on until I get married. She says I will spend my life with Rudra, but I will regret that my love will be incompleted. Krish says I will not let you sacrifice again. Rudra gets shocked to hear them.

Bindiya knocks on the door asking Payal to open the door. Krish says lets open the door and the secrets too. Payal says no. Krish says if you can’t say then I will say the truth to everyone. Payal stops him and keeps sharp thing on her neck. Rudra looks on shocked. Krish stops seeing Payal’s threat. Payal asks him not to tell the truth. Krish is about to hide in the same cupboard where Rudra is hiding, but Payal stops him and asks him to hide under the bed. Krish hides under the bed. Payal opens the door. Bindiya asks with whom you was talking to? Payal says I was talking to Rudra on video call. Krish thinks she lies so much. Bindiya asks her to try the blouse for marriage. Payal says I will wear it later. Bindiya says I will keep it in almira. Payal stops her and asks her to keep on the bed. Bindiya says you are moody. She asks her to sit and advices her on the marital life and husband. She asks her to support her husband and regard him like God. She says she has made such relation with her Krishna ji. She goes. Krish feels bad. He comes out and tells Payal that he has done sin by doing wrong with Bindiya. Payal says I have done this and asks him to go. Rudra thinks she is great gambler’s Nani, and is giving me change, and she wants to become the queen of this mansion. He says this is not fair. Krish goes. Rudra comes out. Payal says she will give him 15000 Rs. He says he wants 15 lakhs Rs. Payal is shocked.

Indu and Sakshi come to Bindiya’s room. Indy says I have brought this jewellery for you, to save this house respect, and asks her to wear it tomorrow on Teej. Bindiya thanks her. Sakshi asks her if you want to buy it, then you have to sell your farm. She says you are lucky to get Mummy ji as saas. Indu says it is ancestral and asks her to wear it and then keep it safely. Sakshi thinks she will defeat her. Bindiya asks about Nidhi. Indu says she will celebrate Teej in her sasural, taunts Bindiya and goes. Rudra tells Payal that he wants 15 lakhs before 12 pm, else he will expose her.

Payal says blackmailing is illegal. Rudra says cheating your own sister is bad. Payal says ok. Rudra says when he is coming in your life himself, then why you are doing drama. Payal says I want Krish, his property, all the luxuries, and also I want people’s respect and their sympathy. She says it is fun to be bad and become great in everyone’s sight. He asks what do you mean? Payal says when Krish will marry me worriedly, then everyone will think along with Bindiya, that Payal is great to sacrifice her love for her sister. She says then everyone will not get angry on me and will not call me selfish Payal, but great Payal. She asks him to do the arrangements for tomorrow.

Precap: Bindiya applies haldi to Payal and says you shall get everything. She then finds the ancestral necklace given by Indu missing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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