Sumbul Touqeer Khan on embracing the essence of “Kavya” and her father’s heartwarming reaction

After a hiatus from daily soaps and a memorable stint on Bigg Boss 16, Sumbul Touqeer Khan is poised to make a resounding return through her new TV show, “Kavya.” Speaking exclusively to ETimes TV amidst the dynamic energy of the show’s set, she shares insights into her journey, the resonance with her father, and the joy of collaborating with co-star Mishkat Verma.

Discussing her father’s integral role in her career decisions, Sumbul reveals, “My father and I engage in discussions about potential projects. We assess roles together, considering their essence and relevance to my craft. When the story of ‘Kavya’ was presented, our excitement was palpable. The unique narrative instantly resonated with both of us, capturing our attention. I knew I wanted to take on this project, and after discussing it with my father, his enthusiasm aligned. We were in agreement that this was a venture worth pursuing, and it was an exhilarating moment.”

The forthcoming show, “Kavya – Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon,” delves into a woman’s poignant struggle between her career aspirations and familial responsibilities. Sumbul encapsulates the essence of Kavya’s complex journey, a battle between dreams and relationships. The show serves as a poignant reminder of her own aspirations and the equilibrium she aims to achieve.

Narrating the heartwarming response of her father in a recent interview, Sumbul recalls, “The promo’s release was a carefully orchestrated surprise. I had not revealed anything to my family. As soon as I received the promo, I gathered everyone, concealing my intentions. Watching it together, their astonishment was evident. My father, in particular, was moved by the promo’s content. He embraced me tightly, his pride and affection evident in his words. His embrace and words ‘Beta bahut accha tha’ (It was very good, my child) resonated deeply, solidifying my sense of fulfillment.”

Sharing her camaraderie with co-star Mishkat Verma, Sumbul reflects on the seamless connection they established, stating, “Our bond flourished even before the shoot commenced. Collaborating on mock shoots before filming fostered a strong rapport. Mishkat’s prowess as an actor became evident during this interaction. His presence felt right from the start. This eased our dynamic on set, and our friendship that had evolved earlier naturally translated into an effortless working relationship. Shooting alongside him has been a delightful experience.”

As Sumbul Touqeer Khan channels her dedication and passion into “Kavya,” she exemplifies the intrinsic connection between her real and reel life. With a father who nurtures her creative path and the synergy with her co-star, she embodies the essence of resilience and growth in her return to television.

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