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Sahiba walks out with her bags. Veer requests Angad to convince Sahiba to stay back. Angad says he will not plead Sahiba to stay back and is not bothered if she leaves. Sahiba takes Akaal and Japjyoth’s blessings. Japjyoth says when they gave her responsibility of this house, she is leaving the house. Sahiba greets good bye to Jaspal and touches Inder’s feet. Inder requests her not to go. Gurleen also says same. Veer says she had to start a new journey with Angad today, why she is leaving. Simran walks to her and asks where is she going on the day of her coronation. Sahiba says she is going to her home. Simran says this is her house and asks how can she leave when she herself brought her in this house and is Angad’s wife. Sahiba says she will be in touch with her papa. She walks towards door.

Japjyoth pleads Seerat to stop her younger sister. Seerat stands silent. Gurleen pleads her next and reminds her that Sahiba had supported her and brought her back in this house. Seerat says she knows Sahiba well and when Sahiba decides something, she doesn’t listen to anyone. Sahiba turns and then starts walking. Her ID card falls down. Inder walks foward to pick it. Angad picks it. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Angad returns Sahiba’s card. Sahiba recalls Angad hiding her card to spend more time with her before she goes to college. Sahiba thanks him. Angad says there is no need for her sorry, she should go completely from here and leave a reason to return back.

Inder asks Sahiba not to bother about Angad’s words as he is angry and requests Angad not to exaggerate the issue and stop Sahiba. Sahiba asks him not to plead Angad. Angad shouts not to take his name from her mouth. Sahiba says she thought of changing her surname from Monga to Brar and already submitted an application, she will take back her application first. Angad says she should and get out of his life completely. Sahiba congratulates him for his new life. Her pallu gets stuck in Angad’s handcuff. Japjyoth says even god doesn’t want them to separate and asks Angad to stop Sahiba. Sahiba tries to free her pallu. Angad does it. Seerat watches with happiness in her mind. Sahia walks away while Angad turns his back towards her. Angad orders maid to shut the door.

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