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Sahiba packs Simran and Angad’s clothes and in a bag. Manveer walks to her and accuses her of trying to frighten her and expose her in front of her family. Sahiba asks why was she standing silently when the staff was accused and Sukhdeep was crying inconsolably. Manveer says so what, she didn’t ask her to cry. Sahiba asks can she be so stone hearted. Manveer asks what shall she do then. Sahiba says if she had seen Simran’s condition, she wouldn’t have said that; she should reveal truth to everyone instead of being in a constant fear. Manveer yells that she knows Sahiba wants to see her being humiliated, but her plan will not succeed as she knows what she did and what she will do. Sahiba says if she knows what she did, she wouldn’t have been so stone hearted. Manveer leaves warning her.

Sahiba reaches hospital with Angad and Simran’s clothes and assures Angad that Simran will be fine soon. Seerat says Sahiba is completely ignoring her and didn’t even greet her. Sahiba says Seerat wasn’t present while the whole family was worried for Simran and popped up just now. Seerat says she was sleeping and Sahiba can’t complain her for that. She taunts that Sahiba looks tired and goes to get coffee for her. Sahiba gives Angad’s clothes. Angad changes his clothes and hesitates to give his dirty clothes to him. Sahiba says she is his wife and he is acting as if she is a stranger. He gives her clothes. She says she already served him food and he can have it. Angad starts having food. Sahiba notices Seerat’s earring in Angad’s jacket and walks to Seerat to question her. Seerat asks where did she get it. Sahiba says she should tell instead of questioning her and asks how did her earing come in Angad’s jacket.

Seerat says Angad had picked her up from the party venue and taunts her that she feels pity for her as he situation seems to be like Manveer where her husband doesn’t trust her and doesn’t share anything with her. Sahiba warns her not to hide her mistakes and says there is a good understanding between her and her husband and nobody can interfere between them. She returns to Angad and questions him why did he hide that he picked Seerat from a hotel. Angad describes the whole incident happened and says Seerat in an intoxicated state said something which she shouldn’t have and now came to apologize. Sahiba asks if there is anything else he wants to say. Angad reminds that she told she is proud to be his wife and asks if she trusts him. She says yes. He says he will not do anything that would hurt her.

Brars visits hospital to see Simran. Angad is surprised to see even Manveer. Japjyoth says though Manveer had differences with Simran, she is the most worried since Simran is kidnapped. Doctor calls them and informs that they did multiple tests on Simran but couldn’t find her illness. Akaal asks if their hospital is capable of treating Simran or not. Angad says he will shift Simran to some other good hospital. Doctor assures to find out Simran’s illness soon. Angad says he will not spare a person who handed over Simran to kidnapper and will find her for sure. Inder also takes an oath.

Precap: Doctor informs family that Simran’s life is in danger with an organ failure and they need to arrange an organ soon. Angad says he can spend any amount of money to save Simran. Doctor says they don’t have a donor. Sahiba agrees to donate her organ. Angad says he can’t lose her. Sahiba says she can’t lose Simran. Her vital signs monitor stops during surgery, and Angad shouts Sahibaa…

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