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Sahiba’s surgery starts. Doctor informs her that she is giving her anesthesia which would induce her sleep. Brars wait outside the OT. Seerat asks Angad not to worry about Simran as she will be fine after liver transplant. Angad says he worried for both Simran and Sahiba. He recalls Sahiba saying they will pray god while Simran is operated. He heads towards gurudwara. Nurse informs doctor to start Simran’s surgery as Sahiba’s surgery has already started. Santosh and Ajith walk into hospital and ask Angad where is Sahiba as Keerath informed them that Sahiba is undergoing a surgery which is harmful for her. Angad says yes. They both walk in calling Sahiba and question Angad how could he let Sahiba donate her organ to Simran who is an orphan and risk her own life.

Inder says Simran is not an orphan, she is his daughter. Santosh says how ruthless he is to sacrifice Sahiba’s life for his daughter. Inder says they all tried their best to stop Sahiba, but they know Sahiba can go to any extent when it’s a question of their dear ones. Santosh asks how could he allow her even then. She continues to worry for Sahiba and collapses. Angad calls nurse and asks her to attend Santosh.

Precap: Doctor informs Angad that Sahiba has slipped into coma and it’s hard to say if she will regain consciousness or not. aAngad pleads Sahiba to get up as he wants to celebrate anniversary with her and propose her on a date. His tears fall on Sahiba’s forehead. Sahiba opens eyes and then stops breathing.

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