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Seerat thinks the happiness and respect she couldn’t get from Garry, she will get them after he is gone. Angad knocks her room door. She hides Sahiba’s gown and opens the door. Angad asks what was she doing. Seerat says she can’t see Garry’s stuff and hence was packing it. Angad picks Garry’s stuff. Seerat says she herself will do it and picks stuff. She panics seeing Garry’s belt and recalls Garry torturing her. Angad asks her to calm down. Seerat finding a chance holds his hand and thanks her for supporting her. Sahiba walks in searching for Angad and asks what is happening. Angad says Seerat was feeling upset seeing Garry’s stuff. Sahiba asks Seerat why don’t she shift to their parent’s house for some time, Angad is going to drop her to college and will even drop Seerat to their parent’s house on the way. Seerat says they told this house belongs to even her, then why Sahiba is asking her to go. Sahiba says she doesn’t mean that and thought Seerat would feel good with change of environment.

Servant informs them that Akaal and Japjyoth is calling them in the living. Brar family gathers in the living room. Akaal says that he and Japjyoth have taken a decision with a much taught. Japjyoth says stars maintain a distance between them to maintain a balance, similarly there shall be a distance between relatives to maintain a healthy balance. Jaspal asks what does she mean.

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