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Wardboys take Sahiba towards morgue on a stretcher. Angad pleads Sahiba to wake up soon or else they can’t meet in life again. Police grips him. He frees himself and runs to Sahiba. He lifts her pushing police and wardboys away and falls down. He asks he if she is fine, is she hurt. Police try to pull him out again, but he pushes them away. Sahiba Rusgaiya Rusgaiya.. song plays in the background. Angad’s tear falls on Sahiba. Sahiba holds his hand. Angad says Sahiba held his hand and is alive. Sahiba breathes again. Everyone are surprised to see that. Doctor says she heard about miracles but saw it for the first time. She orders nurse to shift Sahiba to the ICU.

Angad happily hugs Japjyoth and says Sahiba is alive. Sahiba opens eyes and calls Angad. Angad happily holds her hand. Japjyoth tells Seerat that god did a miracle and Angad’s belief was right. Veer says god doesn’t want to separate 2 true lovers. Seerat thinks if Angad’s true love really brought back Sahiba from death. Santosh says Angad was right that nothing can happen to Sahiba. Doctor asks everyone to go out and let her check Sahiba. Sahiba holds Angad’s hand. Angad says he is waiting outside and will not let her go. He walks out. Inder tells Ajith that their daughter is alive. Santosh apologizes Angad for misbehaving with her and hugs him.

Angad returns to Sahiba. Sahiba says she heard from doctor how he was sure that she is not dead. Angad says he believed her promise that she will return safe. He says he wants to fight with her, smile with her, spend the rest of his life with her. He continues to express his love for her.

After 15 days, Brar decorate Brar mansion for Sahiba’s welcome. Seerat looks jealous. Jasleen says they are acting as if a queen is coming. Japjyoth says Sahiba is ruling their hearts like a queen, it’s her second life and they should give her a grand welcome. Hansraj taunts Seerat that one shall have a fate like Sahiba’s. Japjyoth scolds him. Angad reaches home with Sahiba, opens the door for her, and even picks her fallen ear piece. He says doctor advised her to take care of herself and since she will not, he is taking care of her. Manveer joins family. Japjyoth says it’s good she came, she needs her help in welcoming Sahiba. Manveer says there are many others to help. Japjyoth says she shouldn’t keep any grudge at this time as Sahiba is returning home with a second life.

Precap: Inder takes family to morgue saying police said Brar family’s son died and they need to identify dead body. Family shouts in shock seeing the dead body.

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