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Angad brings Sahiba home from the hospital and takes utmost care of her. Sahiba asks what is he doing. Angad says doctor asked her to take good care of herself and since she doesn’t take care of herself, he is taking care of her. He holds her hand and walks to the door. Whole family welcomes Sahiba. Japjyoth asks them both to step in together. Manveer stops Sahiba. Angad asks why did she stop Sahiba. Manveer says Japjyoth stopped her instead as she wants to perform Sahiba’s graha pravesh again. Japjyoth says last time they performed the ritual forcefully, this time they want to perform it by heart. Manveer brings sehra and mangteeka and asks Angad to wear sehra and Seerat to fix mang teeka in her sister’s hairline. Seerat does unhappily. Veer informs that Sahiba had prepared Angad’s sehra. Seerat thinks Sahiba had made it for her and Angad’s wedding, but it’s her bad fate that Sahiba married Angad instead.

Japjyoth asks Manveer to perform a water drinking ritual. Angad stops Manveer and says she had said last time that this water is a poison for her, so he doesn’t want anyone to welcome Sahiba with a bitter mind. Manveer returns water pot and walks away. Harpreet tells Japjyoth that as per ritual, Angad has to stop Manveer. Jasleen says let it be as he will not. Inder says last time he couldn’t participate in the ritual due to his own issues, can he perform the ritual this time. Angad stands silently. Inder performs ritual and welcomes her as his DIL, says she is his DIL by relationship but a daughter by heart. Sahiba thanks him. Japjyoth asks Angad and Sahiba to step in via their right foot. They walk in.

Simran welcomes Sahiba and calls her bhabi. Veer asks bhabhi. Inder says Angad informed that Sahiba saved her life and asked her to call Sahiba as bhabhi from hereon. Sahiba tells Angad that this is his best gift so far. Veer says Angad ahs one more surprise for sahiba and gives keys. Angad takes her to a room and asks her to open it. Sahiba opens it. Simran is surprised to a see a fairy tale themed room and likes it. Angad asks if she liked it. Simran says a lot and asks whose room is it. Angad says it’s her room and shows her name on the door as Simran Kaur Brar. Inder gets happy seeing that and thanks Angad. Manveer gets angry seeing that and curses Sahiba in her mind. Angad tells Inder that he can adopt Simran legally now. Inder gets more emotional while Manveer gets more jealous and walks away.

Angad then takes Sahiba to their room. Sahiba asks if he was missing her so much. Angad shows 2 pillows and says they were fighting as Angad and Sahiba in her absence. Sahiba thanks him for accepting Simran as his sister. Angad says he wanted to accept Simran in front of her. Sahiba says he has hurt his mother the most with this and should go and comfort her. Angad says let’s not talk about it now.

Precap: Inder takes family to morgue saying police said Brar family’s son died and they need to identify dead body. Family shouts in shock seeing the dead body.

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