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Sahiba walks to Japjyoth’s room. Japjyoth asks who is she and if she needs anything. Sahiba says she wants to know something about Angad. Japjyoth asks if everything is fine between her and Angad. Sahiba speaks to her and returns to her room. She starts painting and thinks she shall check if Angad had breakfast or not. She finds his phone switched off. Angad during a client meeting waits for Sahiba’s call and thinks if his phone is off, she could have called landline. Veer alerts him and says client is waiting. Angad starts meeting and imagines Sahiba in a client. Client asks if he said something wrong. He says no, its a good presentation. A romantic song plays in the background.

Sahiba also imagines Angad who asks what was she backbiting against him in front of Japjyoth. Sahiba says it’s no one of his business. He asks why didn’t she call him. She says his phone was switched off. He says she should have called on his landline. She realizes it’s her imagination. After finishing meeting, he calls her and asks why didn’t she call him as he was worried for her. She says his phone was switched off and asks if he had breakfast. He says no. She scolds him and says if he doesn’t have breakfast, she will come to his office and scold him like a sachi/true sikhni. He smiles.

Inder stops Manveer from having multiple medications and says it’s bad for her. Manveer in her usual rudes tone yells that he is happy with his daughter, but her son is angry on her. Inder says he can’t understand why Angad is angry on her. Sahiba walks in and says she wants talk to her alone. Manveer rudely asks why shall she. Inder walks away. Sahib

Precap: Inder takes family to morgue saying police said Brar family’s son died and they need to identify dead body. Family shouts in shock seeing the dead body.

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