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Sahiba enters her room and is surprised to see Angad enjoying grapes lying in a king’s style, Veer playing sitar for him as his musician, and Keerat fanning him as his maid. She asks what is happening here. Angad in a king’s style announces that she is a king of Brar kingdom and he is it’s king, so he needs special treatment. Keerat says then she is princess and Veer prince of the kingdom. Sahiba asks Angad to stop his joke and says she needs his support more now as she is anxious to follow her given responsibility towards their family seeing Manveer’s behavior. Angad asks if she knows what Sahiba means. Keerat says it means boss lady. Veer says she is one of Punjab’s 5 love stories. Keerat argues with him it’s 4. Angad tells Sahiba that Sahiba means one who rules over the hearts and he is confident that she will handle responsibilities well. He jokes if he can call her the queen. She jokingly hits him. Gurleen walks in and asks them to reach Akaal and Japjyoth’s room soon as Jasleen is fighting with them. They rush to Akaal and Japjyoth’s room.

Jasleen fights with her parents for making Sahiba as head of the family in her absence. Akaal says he had called everyone and only she didn’t come. Jasleen says they can’t make a Shimlapuri girl rule over her. Angad asks her to stop insulting his wife repeatedly. Jasleen says she

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