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Sahiba and Angad wait at home while Brars go out to perform Garry’s last rites. Simran asks Sahiba and Angad not to cry. Santosh asks Keerat why didn’t she attend Garry’s last rites. Keerat says she had to be with Seerat. Brars returns home. Santosh tells Jasleen that if they had informed her about Garry’s death earlier, even we would have attended Garry’s last rites. Jasleen says she didn’t want them to attend her son’s last rites. Santosh says Garry is Seerat’s husband. Jasleen asks did Seerat inform that Garry was not staying with them since a long time. Ajith asks what is she saying, they heard that Garry had returned home and things were normal. Seerat informs that Jasleen is right, Garry had left house long ago and now her forever.

Sahiba tries to comfort Jasleen. Jasleen accuses Sahiba of demonizing Garry’s image with Angad’s support and expelled him out of the house. Angad warns her to stop accusing Sahiba as they know how wrong Garry was. Jasleen says Garry left the house after learnt about Angad and Seerat’s affair. Angad warns her to stop talking rubbish. Jasleen continues to accuse Sahiba and calls her a murderer. Akaal and Japjyoth ask her not to ill speak about Sahiba. Jasleen says Sahiba has brainwashed whole family’s minds and curses Sahiba.

Jasleen’s allegations continue. Sahiba says she knows she is in pain. Jasleen pushes her away and warns her to stay away from her. Sahiba falls on a table and injures herself. Family rushes to her. Angad asks Veer to call the doctor. Sahiba says she is fine and says she can understand a mother’s pain. Jasleen continues and asks Santosh to take her daughters from here. Akaal asks why would Santosh take Angad’s wife from here. Japjyoth says Sahiba did what even a daughter can’t. Santosh and Ajith say Jasleen is right, when Garry is gone, there is no point keeping Seerat here and decide to take Seerat to their home. Jasleen’s allegations continue.

Precap: Sahiba kisses Angad and says their togetherness was only till here and leaves with her bag. She returns keys to Japjyoth and says she can’t fulfill the family’s responsibility she gave her. Japjyot asks what is the issue. Sahiba says she should ask Angad and walks out of the house.

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