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Brars prepare for the party. Ladies select jewelry for them. Gurleen selects a jewelry for Manveer. Japjyoth asks her to try a different one. Gurleen then asks Seerat to select a jewelry for herself. Seerat selects a necklace and asks how is it. Seerat says its good, but she selected it for Sahiba and hence she should select something else. Prabjyoth says Sahiba is Seerat’s elder sister and ruled over her half their lives, so Seerat should get a better set. Sahiba walks to them. Japjyoth takes set from Seerat, tries it on Sahiba, and says it looks so pretty on her. Sahiba says it’s too heavy for her. Japjyoth says they want to show everyone that she is Brar family’s elder DIL. Gurleen says Sahiba should wear this necklace tomorrow, Angad will be mesmerized to see her in that necklace.

Seerat gets jealous and walks to her room. She thinks why Sahiba gets whatever she likes, why fate does injustice to her. She imagines Sahiba taunting her and breaks mirror. Angad rushes in and asks how did it break, if she is hurt. Seerat asks why fate does injustice to her, whatever she likes goes far away from here, why god does injustice to her. Sahiba walks in. Seerat notices her and reminds Angad that when he
picked her from the party, he told her that she is beautiful. Angad says yes. Seerat says if he remembers she told him I love you in an inebriated state. Sahiba shatters hearing that.

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