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Veer notices cake and bouquet and asks Angad if Sahiba sent him. Pam says Angad ordered it for Sahiba. Angad thanks Pam for arranging them and thinks he wanted to surprise Sahiba today and make her feel special, but he is fight with her; he is a stupid fool. Veer asks what will he do with these flowers and cake. Angad says he will do whatever Veer suggested, apologize Sahiba. He leaves to pick up Sahiba froom her art school. Veer thinks Angad never apologized anyone, people say right that love changes a person. At the art school, Sahiba shows her painting to her teacher. Teacher says song was about an incomplete love story, but Sahiba must have imagined her and Angad’s complete love story and drew this painting.

Sahiba waits for Angad outside the college, thinking why didn’t he come to pick her up when Japjyoth Bebe asked him to pick her up. She switches on her phone and doesn’t find Angad’s call or messages. Angad rushes towards the college when a biker bumps over his car and falls down. Angad gets out of car and asks if he is fine, he is sorry. Biker identifies him and asks why is he saying sorry when it’s not his mistake. Angad says sometimes they need to apologize a person even if it’s not their mistake or else they will lose that person. Biker leaves. A balloon selling lady requests him to buy some balloons. Angad buys balloons and thinks it will help him in calming down Sahiba’s anger. Sahiba thinks Angad will not come now and leaves in an auto. Angad reaches next and finds Sahiba’s number not reachable. Sahiba’s classmates notice him and inform that Sahiba left some time ago, she was lost in thoughts during class and was checking her mobile repeatedly, hope everything is alright. Angad thinks he needs to calm down Sahiba at any cost.

Veer returns home. Japjyoth asks him if Angad went to pick up Sahiba.

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