Hello friends..here is the next episode..hope you all like it.


Ranveer was seen sitting with his friends Along with mahek..

Ranveer: guys..i need your help.

Ishaan: always ready to help our college hunk..

Ranveer smiles..

Ranveer:i will show you a girl. And two of you.. should go and flirt with her and try to misbehave..

Mirthik: what? We are not such cheap..

Ranveer: don’t talk in middle as usual mirthik. Actually i dint tell you really to misbehave but to act. And i will be acting as saviour in front of her..

Ishaan:But why?

Ranveer: to impress her..

Mirthik: what nonsense? Mahek is your girlfriend and why are you trying to impress other girl?

Ranveer: i never have habit of impressing girls because they themselves get flattered seeing me. But first time a girl rejected me and never got impressed..so I need to break her confidence by making her fall for me.

Mahek: whatever you try..behenji are behenjis only. She will never fall in love with you.. accept the truth instead of being egoistic.

Ranveer: no.. I don’t like anyone rejecting me. She thinks that i don’t have manners nd heart..but i will impress her in such a way that she will regret of telling that. I will make her love me crazily and madly like other girls..

Ishaan: fine..do whatever you want. But I have a doubt..you told that you will act as saviour when we act as misbehaving right? Are you really going to punch us?

Ranveer: ofcourse. But don’t worry..i won’t hurt your beautiful faces.

They disperse and goes to class..

The next day they all hide and see prathana walking in corridor alone..

Ranveer:she is that girl..so now you both go and misbehave with her..common..

Ishaan and mirthik goes to prathana and stops her..

Mirthik: hey hot girl..

Prathana gets angry..

Prathana: if you don’t have other works than this.. please go to mental asylum and have fun with those mentals like you guys..

Ishaan and mirthik gets angry hearing it and ishaan was about to slap her but ranveer immediately comes and holds his hands and punches him softly..

Ranveer:are you a human? She is a girl…how dare you misbehave with a women? Don’t you have shame to misbehave like this?

Prathana: excuse me..i dint call you for help to teach him a lesson. So you can go and i will handle them myself..

Ranveer gets shocked..

Ranveer:what an attitude!! I tried to save you but you are just..so mean..

Prathana: i told that i dint ask you to save me.. can’t you hear? You don’t need to become my hero..i can myself handle everything.

She pushes ranveer away and she punches and kicks both ishaan and mirthik nicely..

Prathana: see..if i see you both again flirting or trying to misbehave with me or any other girls..then I’ll break your bones. Understood?

Ishaan and mirthik gets scared and nods their head while prathana goes smirking..

Ranveer is shocked while mahek laughs and comes to them..

Mahek: ohh..poor ishaan and mirthik..they got beaten up unnecessarily because of your silly idea. And see again you lost with her..haha..funny!! Atleast leave your ego now..

Ishaan: you..Ranveer..i won’t spare you today. Even goons won’t beat like this..but she beat like a wolf..it’s all because of you.

Mirthik:yes..wait..we will make you into pieces.

Mirthik and ishaan chases ranveer..

Ranveer:arrey..iam really sorry yaar. Please spare me..

Ishaan:no..we will leave till we get satisfied.

They played Tom and cherry game like that while mahek laughed seeing it..

The days passed and ranveer tried so hard to impress prathana but everything went in vein and he was sitting sadly and mahek comes to him..

Mahek: i know why are you upset.. what’s the use of getting sad for her? Leave your stupid challenge and ego.. whatever you try she will never even say even hi to you. She is such type.. why don’t you leave it?

Ranveer: i don’t know why..but i feel bad that she isn’t responding to me.

Mahek: forget that old stuff girl. Come lets go for dance practice as culturals is on the way.. and we have to win for our department like always..

Ranveer in mind: maybe if i go to dance practice..my mind changes and gets peaceful I guess.

Ranveer goes to the dance hall and suddenly he gets stunned seeing prathana dancing with some other guy happily and feels jealous..

Ranveer in mind:what the!! That girl never got attracted towards me but did she got attracted towards him? But he isn’t handsome like me..and i know him too..he doesn’t have good heart like me too. Then how did that girl got attracted towards him.. I’m feeling irritated..

Mahek pulls him for dance..

Mahek: you are going out of your senses nowadays.. without dancing you are just standing like statue and thinking something..common..

Mahek pulls him for dance and ranveer dances with her without any interest and he just stares prathana dancing with that guy..

Suddenly dance master comes and..

Master: students..you all are practicing well with your partners..but I need to check your dancing skills by exchanging your partners. Because some people fail to dance well with other ones..so I need to check whether you all are capable to do dance with random partners. So common exchange your partners..

The students change their partners randomly while Ranveer uses this chance and holds prathana and dances with her and prathana gets shocked seeing him..

Prathana:you again? Why did you come again to me?

Ranveer:i dint come to you..it’s fate. I was dancing happily with my gf but master only told to exchange. As you was nearby..i held you..that’s it. Don’t create a scene for it.. just dance for few minutes and go quietly.

Prathana gets irritated but dances quietly as she can’t push him away or shout him as everyone was dancing quietly while Ranveer dances with her smiling..

Ab jab tab rang barse hai
Sann sann sann barse re
Mukh nag sig bheege bheege
Sann sann sann bheege re

Hai bala ki, hai bala ki
Kya yeh tere mere kehne re
Na chalaki, na chalaki
Mere aage ab chalani re

Thug iss jag se kheench tujhe main
Le jaaun door kahin

Baliye re…
Bin tere jaan meri kalliye re
Balliye re…
Bin tere jaan meri kalliye re

Hum tum agar gayab ho jaaye
Iss ghar se
Phir jaake jee le aur kahin
Kehde rabb se

Yo love karoon kudi tujhe sareaam
Deadly ada teri badnaam badnaam
Khull khull jaaye jaise parda parda
Dekhe koyi dekhe chahe fark nahi padta


Koyi teri or nahi dekhe
Na dekhe
Aur agar dekhe toh bas poochhe
Pehle mujhse

Jag mein jag jab tak tu hai
Bas yeh roohdaari hai
Apne sang sab hain tere
Yeh sajhedaari hai

Hai bala ki, hai bala ki
Kya yeh tere mere kehne re
Na chalaki, na chalaki
Mere aage ab chalani re

Mar mukk jaaun
Phir bhi tujh bin
Marna bhi hai be yaqeen

Baliye re…
Bin tere jaan meri kalliye re
Balliye re…
Bin tere jaan meri kalliye re

Master:i think this pairing is better than your own pairing. Now i will select two pairs from this section. And these both pairs will dance on the culturals on behalf of our department..

Everyone gets shocked..

Prathana in mind:ohh gosh..I like dancing so much..that’s why i decided to participate in culturals. But if i have to dance with this irritating guy..then I am not ready to dance. Sir.. should never select me and this guy..

Ranveer in mind: it will be nice if I and this girl get selected. I can make her impress easily..

Master: iam selecting first this pair (pointing ranveer prathana) and next that pair (pointing mahek Vijay)

Prathana gets stunned while Ranveer smiles..

Ranveer: cool. Now we both can dance on stage..

Prathana: what an idiot fate i have!! I should tolerate you again..

Ranveer: it’s our fate that we link up in some way..so be cool and accept me instead of showing your irritating face.

Prathana:shut up..once the competition is over..i will never bother you and will never participate in culturals where you participate.

Prathana goes while Ranveer smiles..

Ranveer in mind: you can go away from me..but I’ll come to you. Let me see how you avoid me. I will make you fall for me sure..

Mahek comes to him..

Mahek: seems that you are too happy as you got a chance to woo her through your dance…

Ranveer: ofcourse baby. My motive is to make her fall for me..and iam getting situation to make her impress through my dance.. that’s why.

Mahek: but still i believe that she won’t fall for you.

Ranveer: you Don’t believe it then only I can complete my challenge and come to your house.

Ranveer giggles while mahek frowns..

As the does goes by ranveer prathana rehearsed for dance together and ranveer started to feel something for her while prathana became  soft towards ranveer..

Ranveer: today we danced a lot..are you tired?

Prathana:yeah..i have to go to canteen to eat something now.

Ranveer:hey..iam specialist in cooking food. I have made chole bhature and took it here to college. So eat it..

Prathana gets suprised..

Prathana:wow..you cook food also.. amazing. But sorry..you would have bought for your friends and your gf right..so i don’t want to steal their share.

Ranveer:but they almost eat everyday as i prepare it daily. But i can’t give you everyday right as our dance class is just weekly twice. So eat it..no problem..i will give them tomorrow.

Prathana smiles:thank you..

Ranveer takes his lunch box and takes his spoon..

Ranveer:ohh noo..today i forget to bring spoons for my friends. I just bought one..

Prathana:it’s okay..I’ll eat with my hands.

Suddenly prathana notices her hands dirty and gets sad while Ranveer notices her face and..

Ranveer:hey.. don’t get upset as your hands are dirty. I’ll feed you with spoon..

Prathana gets suprised but hesitates..


Ranveer:iam just going to feed you not eat you..so relax and eat.

Prathana laughs while Ranveer too smiles seeing her cute laughter and he feeds her through spoon..

Mahek sees it and gets jealous..

Mahek in mind: seems Ranveer’s motive is getting successful. Prathana used to hate ranveer but now she became soft towards him and started talking in friendly manner. I feel irritated seeing it..

She goes from there as she couldn’t see ranveer and Prathana together…

The day of the culturals arrived and every participants from each department dressed beautifully and came..

Mahek: darling..how am I looking?

Ranveer:as usual hot..

Mahek smiles:it would have been nice if we danced together as usual.. anyways i don’t care as it’s just for today. And from next culturals we will dance together as usual..right?

Suddenly Ranveer remembers his dance with prathana and gets dull..

Ranveer in mind: i feel happy to dance with prathana. And nowadays I am least interested in mahek..i don’t know why.

Ranveer fakes smile and: yeah..right baby.

Suddenly prathana comes in modern wear totally different from her usual chudi look and ranveer looks her and gets stunned and mesmerized..

Prathana:hi ranveer..you look handsome..

Mahek fumes in jealousy while Ranveer is lost in Prathana..

Prathana:hey ranveer..where are you lost?

Prathana jerks him making him come out of his lost mind..

Ranveer:ohh..hi prathana..iam..iam sorry..i was thinking something seriously.

Ranveer in mind: what happened to me now? I couldn’t take my eyes off prathana..

Prathana: ohh..it’s ok. Anyways.. you look super handsome.

Ranveer:thank you..even you look ho..(suddenly he sees mahek and gets alert) beautiful.

Prathana smiles..

Ranveer:ready for our dance right? We should perform best and make our department gain points..

Prathana:yeah..iam ready. And i have full confidence that we will win..

They smile and later they were called for the performance on stage along with mahek and Vijay and both the couples performs a sizzling dance performance..

Jind meriye baar baar khilda ae
Khaab ek is nu manavaan
Jind meriye o jind meriye

Jind meriye baar baar khilda ae
Khaab ek is nu manavaan

Yeh jo khala hai zid di khichdi
Raah main is nu dikhavaan
Udd-di firdi turrdi hawayein
Ismein hi behta jaavan

O jind meriye baar baar khilda ae
Khaab ek is nu manavaan
O jind meriye baar baar khilda ae
Khaab ek is nu manavaan

O jind meriye baar baar khilda ae
Khwaab ek is nu manavaan

Rondeyaa vi hasseya main
Kisi nu na dasseya main
Ankh waale hanjuaa nu
Barishan hi dasseya main

Kuch bhi main bhulleya nahi
Sukr hai rulleya nahi
Haule se ye raatan pooche
Jagg soye tu na soya

Dum nahi chhutteya ve
Kuchh nai tutteya ve
Kore khaali panne pe
Fateh hai likheya

O jind meriye baar baar khilda ae
Khaab ek is nu manavaan
O jind meriye baar baar khilda ae
Khaab ek is nu manavaan

O Jind meriye baar baar khilda ae
Khaab ek is nu manavaan

Ho challeya na rukkeya main
Ajj vi na mukkeya main
Dil jitne hai baaki
Likh ke hai rakheya main

Najar nishane pe hai
Rab ki deewane pe hai
Sikan na matthe utte
Mann vi thikane pe hai

Dum nahi chhuteya ve
Kuch nahi tutteya ve
Kalla baith chann nu
Main pawan chitthiyan

O jind meriye baar baar khilda ae
Khaab ek is nu manavaan
O jind meriye baar baar khilda ae
Khaab ek is nu manavaan

O jind meriye baar baar khilda ae
Khaab ek is nu manavaan

Once the dance is over everyone cheers for them and they get out of stage and suddenly the female students surrounds ranveer prathana..

Prathana whispers: what’s happening here? Why are everyone clicking our photos?

Ranveer: you know that every girls in this college have crush on me. So whenever i finish performance something on stage they click my photos as if I am a celebrity..

Prathana:if you have told this earlier..i would have gone seperately once the dance is over.

Ranveer: it’s okay..mahek used to pose along with me whenever we dance together. Now you be in her place..

Suddenly some students comments..

Students:you both look amazing and sizzling pair..it would have been nice if this pair was bf gf instead of that head weight girl.

Ranveer gets suprised while prathana gets shocked and mahek feels jealous who was hearing it standing nearby and fumes..

Mahek:to heck with this students..iam the hot girl and the sizzling pair with handsome hunk of this college. How dare they eye prathana..the old stuff women. I feel like thrashing prathana for interfering me and ranveer..

Suddenly prathana notices her parents coming along with anmol from far and gets excited..

Prathana:wow..my family is coming..i feel lucky.


Prathana shows the direction towards pratha rishabh and anmol and gets stunned while the students too sees them and gets stunned..

Ranveer: what a ditto Xerox..you are exactly like your mother. Iam seeing this miracle first time after movie..

Prathana smiles while students starts gossiping turning towards pratha and rishabh..

Students gossip:wow..that girl’s mother is exactly like her. And the guy near him is really hotter than ranveer of our college..

Other student:yes..i feel like dancing with him. He is so so handsome and hot. I think he is this girl’s brother..

Ranveer hears this and feels jealous..

Ranveer:hey prathana..why your brother is so handsome? I feel jealous..i never thought anyone would be more handsome than me.

Prathana laughs while Ranveer gets shocked..

Ranveer:why are you laughing like mad?

Prathana: because i don’t have brother. He is my father rishabh gujral..

Ranveer gets hell shocked..

Ranveer:what? It’s unbelievable..he is looking so young and handsome. I feel more jealous now..see how students are looking at him.

Pratha rishabh and anmol comes near prathana and ranveer and students start taking photos of rishabh and they flirt with him..

Student jia: wow..you look handsome mister. Can I take selfie with you?

Rishabh smiles..

Rishabh:why not?

They take selfie while pratha fumes seeing it..

Anmol:maa..i think my papa is going to get blasted for sure.

Anmol giggles and rishabh notices pratham’s anger and comes to her and murmers..

Rishabh:so you are same pratha before 25 years..my jealous queen.

Pratha: ofcourse..how can a wife tolerate when her husband is wooed by girls?

Rishabh:cool pratha. Iam middle aged man and these are students..so no need to feel insecure like in our college days.

Pratha:shut up. In recent days…girls even fall in love with middle aged man. And you are handsome too..so i won’t believe those girls.

Rishabh:haha..funny. i just did for fun..so don’t worry. Iam yours and always yours.

Pratha:oho..you showed your fun here. I will show my fun in home wait..

Prathana:mom dad..are you both fighting? You dint even congratulate me for my dance performance.

The students gets stunned knowing rishabh is prathana’s daughter..

Students gossip: what a shock we got?? I never thought he is aged man..he is so hot and young..

Other student:yeah..i thought to woo him..but got a thunder shock. I never expected this..

Pratha and rishabh comes to prathana and hugs her..

Pratha:sorry..i fought with dad as he was enjoying with flirting girls. But you dance performance was incredible..we were so proud of you.

Rishabh:yes..iam sure you and your partner will surely win. And your partner was so handsome..

Prathana shows ranveer to her parents..

Prathana:mumma..papa..he is ranveer. The one who danced with me..


Ranveer touches their feet..

Ranveer:please bless me uncle..aunty..

Rishabh and pratha smiles and blesses him..

Pratha:such a valued boy in this century..may god always be there with you beta. And your dance performance was amazing.

Ranveer:thank you aunty.

Rishabh: hey..you look so handsome. Are you this college’s handsome hunk?

Ranveer gets amazed..

Ranvee:yeah..how did you find out uncle?

Rishabh:i saw how female students were taking your pictures and got to know about it. Because even i was handsome hunk in my college days..

Ranveer:that’s cool uncle.

Rishabh: i used to enjoy girls attraction in my college days..it will be fun.

Ranveer:ohh..wow..uncle you are same like me.

Rishabh:wow..we are ditto.

Ranveer:did you find your love in college uncle?

Rishabh:if you hear my love story..you will laugh. I had a hot girlfriend but later i realised she wasn’t my true love. I met pratha in college..she is the first one to not getting attracted towards me..she avoided me and went. I was really furious on her as why this girl alone not getting attracted..but slowly we fell in love later due to some circumstances..

Ranveer and prathana gets stunned hearing it and they both look each other..

Ranveer in mind:the same thing happened with me and prathana..will i fall in love with prathana like rishabh uncle?

Pratha: what happened? Why you both are shocked? Is our Love story boring?

Ranveer:no aunty.. infact it’s interesting. But what’s the twist is the same thing happened with me and prathana. Prathana is the first one to avoid me..and I was really furious.

They get suprised and laugh and rishabh pats prathana’s cheeks..

Rishabh:like mother like daughter..

They all have good laugh..

Anmol: ji..you look really handsome. I wonder how my sister dint get attracted..she is really behenji.

Ranveer:you are exactly right.

Prathana frowns..

Prathana:iam going to cut TV connection wait and watch Anmol for teasing me..

Everyone laughs while mahek gets furious seeing ranveer enjoying with prathana’s family..

Mahek in mind: this ranveer became stupid. He just told me that he will make prathana fall for him but he is falling for her and her stupid family..i wish Prathana gets out of this college soon..my foot i cant tolerate her.

Later ranveer and prathana were announced as winners and they get prize happily while prathana’s family cheers for them..

Rishabh:congrats to you both!! Iam proud of you both. And what’s your name beta?

Ranveer:ranveer Raichand..

Rishabh:ohh.. nice name. Dint your family come for culturals?

Ranveer:no..my papa is business tycoon so he is busy in business. And my family doesnt attend college events as they are least interested..

Pratha:ohh..sad. it’s okay..we will bless you for your success ahead in place of your parents.

They bless him while Ranveer smiles..

Ranveer:thank you for being my family in absence of them. Had great time with you all..hope we meet again.

Anmol:why not? Come to our house..my pagal sister won’t invite you as she never wishes any friends to visit her house.

Ranveer:what a weird girl!!

They laugh while prathana frowns and makes puppy face..

Prathana: enough joking on me. It’s time to leave..come we will go home..bye ranveer.

They bid bye and goes while Ranveer feels happy spending time with them..

Ranveer in mind:it was nice to spend time with prathana and her family. Now i feel bored immediately after prathana gone..

Then he joins with mahek..

Mahek: nowadays you forgot me..

Ranveer: what are you telling?

Mahek: yes. You are spending time with that old stuff girl prathana happily..but never give some time to me.and today you was happily enjoying with her family..

Ranveer gets shocked and he puts hands on her shoulders and..

Ranveer: i know you feel jealous as it’s women’s nature. And i just spent time during dance with prathana.. don’t worry. From now..even dance is over..so I’ll spend more time with you. I will meet prathana rarely just to fulfill my motive..once she says i love you..I’ll leave her completely..ok baby?

Mahek palely smiles..

Mahek:ok..i trust you.

Ranveer gets dull suddenly..

Ranveer in mind:why am I feel bad when I think about leaving prathana? I just bonded with her to make her fall in love with me but i feel painful thinking about leaving prathana..

Mahek: what happened to you? Come..lets go to canteen..

Ranveer and mahek goes to canteen..

And the days passed by and ranveer and prathana dint meet for days as they don’t have dance class now and ranveer misses prathana terribly and one day he sits on his bed sadly..

Ranveer in mind: I miss prathana so much. Though i spent only somedays but it was so fun and nice..I miss her family too. I spent with her to make her fall for me but now i realise that i really want to spend time with her..i think i should befriend her.


One day prathana was walking on road and suddenly she hit a guy by mistake..

Prathana:iam sorry..


Prathana who was looking down gets shocked and sees him and gets hell shocked..

Prathana: Ritvik..

Suddenly ritvik laughs..

Ritvik:still you are like grandma..you always dress like this worst. I guess you wouldn’t have got boyfriend at all..

Prathana: I don’t care if I don’t get boyfriend. Iam happy being myself..i like these type of dressing sense.. so I wear it. It’s you who is worst..you pretend to love me and left me for other girl..

Ritvik: it’s because i loved you for time pass till I find my true love. Who would love a behenji girl like you..my girlfriend antara is hot..but you are so boring stuff.

Prathana gets broken and cries and the heavy rain pours starts pouring down..

Prathana: you are so cheap..

Ritvik:iam not so cheap..it’s the reality of the world. You yourself think did any boys wished to talk to you? No right..it’s because you are very old stuff. Even when we were in relationship you ignored our beautiful night.. nowadays spending night with boyfriend is common. But you behave like great grandma..

Prathana: i will be like that only. There will be someone who will accept as I am..

Ritvik laughs out loud..

Ritvik: don’t joke prathana. Maybe in your dreams you get such guy..but the fact is in today’s generation every boys expects girls to be modern and stylish and also they expect to be more forward in romance. But you lack both..so keep dreaming your behen boyfriend.

Ritvik goes while prathan cries recalling her moments with ritvik and how he rejected her for hot girl antara and how many boys avoids talking with her due to her normal dressing in heavy rain..

Prathana cries: though ritvik is wrong..but he is right in certain points.. nowadays boys expects girls to be stylish and hot. But i lack everything..iam an unlucky girl to think about love.

Suddenly a speeding car comes towards her but she was pulled by ranveer and she gets stunned seeing him..


Ranveer caresses her face and..

Ranveer:you know how i got scared when I saw a vehicle coming towards you..my heart got pricked for a second because i thought i will lose a nice girl like you..i ran fast to save you..thank god you are saved orelse i would have broken down.

Prathana gets emotional hearing it and looks at him and both of them meets with an eyelock..

Ranveer: why are you crying in middle of the road prathana? What’s your problem..i will solve it but don’t be careless..i can’t bear if anything happens to you.

Prathana gets dul: you can’t solve this ranveer. No one can solve this..

Ranveer:first tell me what’s the problem. If you are hesitant..then let us become friends first..so that you will talk without any fear. I swear i will always be your side.

Prathana gets emotional and:  iam an unlucky girl ranveer…

She tells her relationship about her and ritvik and how he left her and how she was ignored by boys for her dressing sense and how ritvik criticized her now…

Prathana: i don’t have luck to get boyfriend or get true love because I am an old stuffed grandma..i am always alone in my life.

Ranveer:stop talking stupid. I would have banged ritvik if i had came earlier..he thinks every boys are like him. Don’t believe his words and become upset prathana..iam there with you always. I always adore you in the way you are.. like that you will surely get someone who will accept how you are.

Prathana looks him emotionally and hugs him..

Prathana: thank you ranveer for always being with me. I first misunderstood you when I saw you first time in college as i thought you as flirt..but I am wrong. You like girls attention but not girls.. you just do for fun. And moreover sorry for misunderstanding..you are too good.

Ranveer smiles..

Ranveer: don’t feel sorry..it’s okay. Only when misunderstanding are created some relations gets formed..like that our relation is formed through that. And you dint tell your decision yet..

Prathana:what decision?

Ranveer:i just called you as my friend but you dint tell anything.. what do you think..can we be friends?

Ranveer forward his hands and prathana smiles and shakes hands with him..


Ranveer in mind: i feel happy with prathana. Thank god I realised that i need prathana orelse i would have broken her by making her fall in love with me and by leaving her. Now i will be a good friend of her always..i will never break her down. Iam also happy with her..thank you God for making things fine.

Ranveer:you know what..i really missed these days as we couldn’t meet after culturals.

Prathana:even me too..and my family was missing you more.

Ranveer:ok..come I’ll drop you home. I will take you somewhere tomorrow..

Prathana:what? Really?

Ranveer:yeah..friends are meant to roam and enjoy. We should not be like devdas..

Prathana laughs while Ranveer smiles seeing her..

Prathana:ok..then i will get ready tomorrow.

Then Ranveer drops her home and goes..

precap:- ranveer meets with accident..










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