The sparkling rain of love Part 3


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Balraj’s car stopped infront of his farm house.

Arpita:Why are we here?

Balraj:I have arranged a party as both of you are newly wed.

Raghav smiled and Arpita found it unbelievable.So she did not smile.

The trio got inside the farm house.There was no one inside.

Arpita to Balraj:You said that there is a party here.But no one is here.

Balraj:Our guests will come here now.

Suddenly some goons got inside.Seeing them Raghav and Arpita became dull.

Balraj smirked:You are right Arpita.I have not changed.I am not a fool to get you married to Raghav.I have always hated you Arpita.I tolerated you only because you were my daughter’s wife and most of the properties were in your name.

Raghav and Arpita were shocked.Arpita was shocked to know that most of her mother’s properties were in her name.

Balraj:Since I hate you I will never allow you to be happy.I will destroy your happiness.

Raghav and Arpita were nervous.

Balraj:Kill him!

Balraj ordered his goons.

Raghav and Arpita got scared.The goons attacked Raghav and punched him brutally.

Arpita was crying loudly:Nooooooooooooooo…please leave him.

Balraj:You want him alive?

Arpita nodded tearfully.

Balraj:Then forget this marriage and marry Shiv.

Arpita was shocked.

Arpita:No.I can’t marry Shiv.Only Raghav is my husband.

Balraj:Then Raghav will die in front of you.If you want him alive,cut off your relationship with Raghav and marry Shiv.

Arpita replied crying:Yes,I will marry Shiv.Please don’t kill Raghav.I beg off you.

Balraj smirked:Good!

Balraj told his goons:Leave Raghav.

The goons left Raghav.Raghav fell down unconscious.

Arpita wept seeing Raghav’s condition.


Arpita tried to walk towards Raghav.Balraj held her hand and stopped her from going near Raghav.

Balraj:I told you that from now onwards you have no relationship with Raghav.He is not dead.That’s more than enough.

Arpita cried.Suddenly Balraj snatched the nuptial chain from her neck.Arpita cried loudly.




After 2 weeks….

Arpita was brought to the mandap.Shiv was sitting near with his face veiled.

Shiv and Arpita got married.Balraj smirked.

Suddenly Balraj saw a person walking towards him and got shocked.It was Shiv.

Balraj:Shiv?Then who married Arpita?

Arpita:You see my husband’s face dad.

The bride groom unveiled his face.It was Raghav.

Balraj was shocked.Arpita,Raghav and Shiv smiled while Balraj and Shiv’s parents were shocked.

Arpita:Did you see my husband my so called dad?

Raghav smiled pointing his finger at Arpita and said:Now Arpita became my wife again.

Arpita:How could you think that I will marry someone else?I married Raghav and I can only marry Raghav.I am not a weak girl to obey you blindly.I am not a coward.

Shiv:Before marriage,Arpita had told me everything.I am not cruel enough to separate a married couple.So I placed Raghav in my place.Thus Arpita and Raghav got married again fooling you Balraj uncle.

Balraj was shocked.



Flash back….

The unconscious Raghav opened his eyes in the hospital.He saw Arpita in front of him.

He could not believe his eyes.


Arpita:Be silent Raghav.I came here secretly with the help of Ranveer.

She caressed his face emotionally and said:Don’t worry.No one can separate us.My fiance Shiv is understanding and he is ready to help us reunite.We are making a plan to fool Balraj and get married in front of all.

Raghav:What do you mean Arpita?

Arpita:Shiv will not marry me on the wedding mandap.Instead of him,you will marry me.

Raghav:Will it happen Arpita?I am scared.

Arpita:It will happen Raghav.

She embraced him emotionally.



Arpita looked after Raghav secretly whenever she could visit him without Balraj’s knowledge.


Ranveer came forward from the crowd.

Ranveer:You made your goons brutally attack Raghav.

But Arpita helped me financially to give good treatment to Raghav.Thus he is alright now though he has not recovered fully.

Shiv:You are so cruel.

Shiv’s parents were also shocked to hear that Balraj had attempted to kill Raghav.

Arpita:I will not forgive you for what you did to my Raghav.Balraj…you will never live peacefully.

Suddenly policemen arrived and handcuffed Balraj.

Balraj:Leave my hand..leave me.

Arpita:They will not leave you as you did murder attempt.You are ruined Balraj.

Arpita smirked.Balraj became dull.

Balraj was taken away by the police men.

Raghav and Arpita smiled at each other.

Raghav looked at Shiv:Thank you very much Shiv Sir.Because of you,we are united.

Arpita:You have a beautiful heart Shiv.That’s why Raghav and I are together now.Thank you so much for supporting me to execute my plan to get married to Raghav and put Balraj behind bars.

Shiv smiled:No need of thanking me Arpita.We both are happy together.That is enough.

They smiled.

Ranveer told Raghav and Arpita.

Ranveer:This is your second wedding.Enjoy to the core.

Raghav and Arpita smiled.

The music was played.

Raghav,Arpita,Shiv and Ranveer danced and enjoyed.

I like daandiya I like garba

But if you really wanna party

Throw your hands up and twist them around

Do the bhangra everybody

Come on do the bhangra everybody


Nothing like my jatt mahiya

Nothing like my mutiyaara

Nothing like some kangna shangna

And laung da lashkaara


Buggi te wuggi main gidda kholna


I to go crazy te jab vajde

Punjabi Wedding Song


Dholon ke beeton pe main taan dolna..


Aaj sharam chhad ke laga jhatke

Hai is mein nothing wrong

I toh go crazy ke jab wajde

Punjabi Wedding Song

I like daandiya….


Ae baaja te vaaja te ghodi te shaamiyaana

Laddoo te shaddoo te lassi, te khaana vaana

Happiness makkhan maar ke ho gayi multiply


Chacha te chachi te maami te biji viji

te hothon pe laali te Phonon mein 3G-VG

Shoshon wali garm hawa pe kardi rehndi fly

Chhetti champagne-on ke dhakkan kholna


I to go crazy ke jab vajde

Punjabi Wedding Song

Life ho crazy ke tab wajde

Punjabi Wedding Song

Dholon ke beeton pe..


Ye Jodi, jannaton ki lage meherbaani

Ye Jodi, haan mujhe bhi aisi jodi hai banani

Ye jodi, apni hatheli aur lakeerein saath saath hain

jinpe mubaarak barsaatein kaaynaat karti hai


baant mithaiyaan, lakkh vadhaiyaan

May you live long

Kahun rab ko hazaaron shukraana

Ghar mere bhi nazar-e-nazraana


Par tere varga hi, tere jaisa hi changa maahiyaa..

Senti main hoti, aur mental dholnaa


I toh go crazy ke jab wajde

Punjabi Wedding Song.

(Hasee Toh Phasee)

At home…

Raghav lifted up Arpita in his arms.

Arpita:What are you doing Raghav?Put me down.

Raghav:Why?I can’t even romance my wife like this?

Arpita:Your bandage is still not removed.You have not recovered completely after the accident.So you should not exert.

Raghav:But our romance will heal my wounds faster.It’s raining too.It’s the perfect time for romance.

She blushed.

Hey hey hey hey hey hey, hey hey hey hey, hey hey hey hey hey hey
Barsaat ke din aaye, mulaaqaat ke din aaye
Betaabiyon ke sharaare bichhe hain
Yeh saawan ki rimjhim jhadi hai
Kadam bekhudi mein bahekne lage hain
Yeh madhoshiyon ki ghadi hai

Arpita:Stop flirting and put me down.Otherwise you will become tired.


He walked to the bed and placed her on the bed.

She laid him on the bed.

She said:Now you sleep well.

He caressed her face romantically and said:This is our 2nd wedding night.We can’t sleep.

She blushed caressing his face.

Barsaat ke din aaye, mulaaqaat ke din aaye
Hum soch mein the jinke, us raat ke din aaye
Barsaat ke din aaye, barsaat ke din aaye
Hey hey hey hey hey hey

Raghav came on top of Arpita and romanced her.

Jalte rahe hum khayaalon ki lau se
Sahi humne barson judaai
Chham chham barasti suhaani ghata ne
Ajab si agan hai lagaayi
Barsaat ke din aaye, mulaaqaat ke din aaye
Hum soch mein the jinke, us raat ke din aaye
Barsaat ke din aaye, barsaat ke din aaye
Aah aah aah aah aah

Na tum hosh mein ho, na hum hosh mein hai
Bahek jaaye na tum sambhaalo hamein
Guzaarish yehi hai tamannaaon ki
Sanam baazuon mein uthaa lo hamein

Jazbaat ke din aaye, mulaaqaat ke din aaye
Hum soch mein the jinke, us raat ke din aaye
Barsaat ke din aaye, barsaat ke din aaye
Deewaani deewaani, jawaani mastaani
Garm saanson mein toofaan hai
Deewaana deewaana, sama hai deewaana
Zara si chaahat ki beimaan hai

Raghav and Arpita looked at the beautiful rain.

Dhuaan sa uthe hai kahin jism se
Kaho baadalon se baraste rahe
Saha jaaye na yeh judaai ka gham
Bhala kab talak hum taraste rahe

Raghav:The rain is so beautiful.

Arpita:It’s not simply a rain.It’s the sparkling rain of love.

Baaraat ke din aaye, mulaaqaat ke din aaye
Hum soch mein the jinke, us raat ke din aaye
Barsaat ke din aaye

They smiled at each other romantically.

Barsaaat ke din aaye
Hey hey hey hey hey hey, hey hey hey hey
Hey hey hey hey hey hey, hey hey hey hey, hey hey hey hey hey hey


The end.

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