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The Episode starts with Manikant answering the call. The man says doctor isn’t here, you wanted to know about Chiku, shall I fix appointment for any other day. Manikant says no need. He says who did this, who called the doctor. He gets the death certificate there. He gets shocked. He thinks to find out who is daring to do this. Monica asks Garv to focus on puja. Titli gets ready and comes. Monica and Dhara see her and smile. They tease Garv. They go. Garv thanks Titli. She says I love you a lot and want to give a chance to our relation, so I worn the dress you got for me, trust me, share the matter related to you. He says thanks, I promise I will change myself, come. Hiral looks on and thinks I have your reality in my phone, it will come out in some time. Jaishri blesses Garv and Titli. Hiral goes to connect the phone to projector. Baa stops her and scolds her. Hiral says you don’t know the truth of Garv and Titli’s relation, Garv beats her. Baa says you don’t get between it. Hiral says they both just act in front of everyone. Baa says its nothing new, a man keeps his wife in control. Dhara hears them. She goes to talk to Titli. Maina asks Garv and Titli to come for puja. Titli and Garv go for the puja. Maina and Manikant ask Titli to pray. Maina says I wish Titli gets a child soon. Titli and Garv do the rituals. Manikant thinks I can’t let anyone reach Chiku’s truth, else our present will get ruined. A flower falls. Everyone smiles. Dada ji says Titli got the blessings, Koel get sweets. Dhara goes to Titli. Dhrishti is on call. She is shocked. Chintu comes to her. She goes. Dhara asks did Garv raise hand on you, how can he do this.

Titli hugs her and cries. Dhara says I can’t believe that Garv can do this, we all know he has anger issues. She asks why didn’t you tell anyone. Baa says they will manage their issues. She argues with Dhara. She says its nothing new, my husband loved me a lot, he also used to beat me, be tolerant, learn from old generations, it’s a small issue. She scolds Titli.

Hiral comes to them. Manikant goes to Koel and Maina. He says I have to talk to you both. Hiral says Titli proved me a liar, you know it now, their relation isn’t perfect. Titli says you shouldn’t have any interest in Garv and my relation. Hiral says your annoyance has explained everything. Hiral says you have separated the beds also, I know. Titli is shocked. Manikant asks how did the paper come out, I asked Koel to burn it, Koel wanted to keep it to ruin me, someone called the hospital to find out, don’t know who got this. Koel says Titli might have done this, she came to me with Chiku’s pic, I didn’t tell her anything. Maina says you are foolish, you should have told us. Manikant scolds her. Maina says its not my mistake, Koel should have told me. He says now I told you, what will you do, you know a big storm will come if the secret comes out, stop her. He goes. Maina gets angry. Titli asks how dare you hear Garv and my talks, its our personal matter, don’t come in between. Baa says she won’t say, you listen to me, stop this drama, solve this fight. Titli asks Dhara not to worry. She says Garv and I have a small misunderstanding. Dhara says you mean a husband can raise hand on his wife. Titli says no, but I can’t ignore that he loves me a lot, shall I see his 100 goodness or 1 evil, you don’t tell anyone, else Garv and I will get punished, our love will get punished, I don’t want to get separated from him, let me handle this. Dhara says understood, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, I hope your love changes him. Titli hugs her.

Titli falls down the railing and shouts for help. Garv says give me your hand. He sees Chiku falling and leaves Titli’s hand.

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