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The Episode starts with Titli saying that guy did this intentionally. Garv asks did you know this. She says I will tell you everything. He asks why didn’t you tell me before, how did you hide such a big thing. She says control your anger. He says leave it, you have hidden a big thing. She says I got to know this some days back, I know Dhrishti made a mistake but Sandy can misuse these pics. Garv says I will kill him. She says no, its not the right way. He asks what’s the right way. She says we have to go and delete the pics copy, I need your support, will you help me. He says no, you won’t go anything, I will handle this my way, you stay out of it. He asks Dhrishti who is this guy. She says Sandy, Devraj’s son. Garv says I will see you later.

Titli says don’t do anything in anger that everyone knows the matter at home. He goes. Dhrishti hugs Titli and cries. Sandy calls her. Titli answers the call. She argues with him. He laughs and asks her to slap Dhrishti. He says you can’t reach me. He threatens Dhrishti.

Dhrishti says no, I will kill myself. Titli hugs her and asks her to relax. She says you can’t lose so easily, everyone loves you, think about your family. Dhrishti says respect is everything for dad, when he knows this, he will kill me. Titli says I will handle everything. Garv meets Devraj and catches his collar. He asks where is your son. Titli and Dhrishti take a disguise and come to Sandy’s house. They fool the servants and get inside the house. Devraj asks who are you. Garv says your son is blackmailing my sister, if Sandy doesn’t come here, then you don’t know what I can do.

Dhrishti enters Sandy’s room. She sees Sandy and her pics in the laptop. She says thanks Titli for giving this idea, now Sandy can never blackmail me. Sandy comes and stops her from deleting the pics. He removes her hair wig. Garv ruins the office and asks Devraj to call his son right away.

Garv gets a call. Titli calls him. He hears Sandy capturing Titli and Dhrishti. He worries and leaves. Sandy laughs. He misbehaves with them. Titli scolds him. He says I m not scared of you. She says come close and touch me. He says I will show you what’s fear. He goes to touch her. She sprays pepper in his eyes. She picks a knife.

She says touch me now, what happened, get back. Sandy catches her and says you will kill me…. Garv comes and kicks him. He beats Sandy. Manikant asks what. The man says just come fast. Manikant says he shouldn’t reach home at any cost. Garv says you made a big mistake. He scolds Sandy. He burns Sandy’s phone. He beats Sandy more. Titli says stop Garv. Garv says leave me. Sandy runs. Dhrishti says your hand is bleeding, I will get first aid. Titli says you got hurt. Garv says leave me. He goes. Titli asks him to listen. He says I told you I will handle this matter, why did you come here and get Dhrishti here, did you do anything right, if anything happened to Dhrishti and you, what would I do. She says calm down. He pushes her and says go to hell. She falls down the stairs and gets hurt. He shouts Titli. Titli faints. He runs to her. Dhrishti comes. Garv lifts Titli and takes her to the hospital.

Manikant is also at the hospital. He doesn’t see Garv. Garv meets the same girl. He says we met before. She says so glad to know, you also remember that meeting. Doctor says Titli is fine, you can meet her. The girl looks on. Garv goes to meet Titli. He cries and gets angry. Titli gets conscious. She looks at him. He holds her. She says it will happen as we want, because you love me a lot. He says you are getting hurt, its not worth it. She says don’t say this, it will hurt me more, two people love each other, what’s its simple formula.

Garv and Titli romance. The girl says its good I know your anger issues. Titli says we need guidance for your anger issues. The girl says I like Garv a lot.

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