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The Episode starts with Megha stopping Garv and asking him to remember his passion and love for Titli, when he wants to leave the treatment. He calls it nonsense. Maina comes to Alpa. She takes the phone to delete the recording. Maid comes and asks Maina where is she going with Alpa’s phone. Alpa sees Maina and takes her phone. She says this won’t help you. She asks her to go and make a cup of tea. Maina asks what. Alpa says yes, go and make a cup of tea for me. Maina goes. Manikant collides with Titli. He lies to her and asks what are you doing here. Titli recalls Garv’s words. Garv says Megha, I don’t need you, Titli is there to handle me, my anger is normal, you don’t waste your time, call my wife and tell her that I don’t need you. Megha smiles. Maina makes tea. Koel says give some tea to me also. Maina says I m making it for myself. Alpa comes and asks for the tea. Maina says sure. She drops the tea on Alpa’s phone.

Alpa asks what did you do, you did this intentionally. Maina smiles. Alpa cries and goes. Maina thinks now that recording is gone. Garv comes and sees Manikant. He asks what are you doing here. Manikant says I came to see a client, you are also here, are you okay. Megha comes and says Titli, Garv needs treatment, four sessions every week. Manikant asks what, who was that girl, what was she saying. Titli says she is a psychiatrist. Garv gets angry. Manikant is shocked.

They come home. Manikant asks Titli to tell everyone, where did she take Garv. He says she took Garv to a doctor. Maina asks why, are you fine. Koel says he has no fever. Manikant asks Garv to answer. He scolds Garv and Titli. Manikant says she took Garv to a psychiatrist and thinks he is mentally unstable. Maina and Koel are shocked. They scold Titli.

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