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The Episode starts with Titli scolding Dhrishti and Sandy. Dhrishti asks her to handle her own life. Titli says I will tell Garv, someone should know this at home, come, take permission and then go out. Dhrishti gets angry and goes. Titli asks her to listen to her. Dhrishti shuts the door. Titli says I stopped you for your safety. Its morning, Titli sees the burnt shop and gets a cigarette there. She picks it and says maybe this can help the police. Chintu gets a gift for Titli. Hiral asks what did you get for me. He says you become deserving this. She says Titli won’t get this. She takes the gift. He asks her to have shame. Jaishri says I don’t want any drama in front of Titli. Garv asks did you go to the shop. Titli says yes, I got a proof there. She shows the cigarette and says this burnt the shop, this proof will take us to that man, it will be proved that it didn’t happen due to my carelessness. Garv tries to take the packet. She says I have informed Ankit. He asks why did you go there, I had paid that guy also. She says yes, but I had to find the reason, that store was my responsibility. She asks him to come, they have to go home. She says I have to tie Rakhi to Chintu. She leaves. He thinks Ankit can’t get this proof. Ankit says this proof is enough to prove Garv wrong.

Ishani asks how will it help. Ankit says that cigarette will have DNA, it will match with Garv, everyone will know he is dangerous, he loves his wife, why did he burn the shop. She says he wants to control his wife, he doesn’t want her to talk to any men, he wants an ideal husband’s image. He says what, he is so mad, come back, I will get Garv behind bars, this will be your Rakhi gift from my side. Maina asks where are you going, there is much work. Titli says shop… Koel comes and says I had a good darshan, I didn’t want to come back, but came for Raksha bandhan, I can’t leave the duties to Titli. Maina asks why, Titli and I can make the preparations, we are also responsible, don’t worry, go and freshen up, we will manage. Koel goes. Monica comes home. Maina hugs her. Garv comes and hugs Monica. He sees Titli’s pic and thinks to take the cigarette from Titli’s purse. He tries to take it. Dhrishti asks Garv to come and see the rakhis. Monica ties the rakhis to Garv and Titli. Titli’s purse falls. Garv says I will pick it. He hides the cigarette.

Dhara and Dhrishti also tie the rakhi to Garv. Dhrishti asks Garv for 7 lakhs. Garv says I don’t have cash right now. She says you have spent the money in saving Titli, she had ignited fire in her flower shop. Everyone is shocked. Dhrishti says Garv has paid the money to save Titli from negligence charges. Manikant scolds Titli. Titli says I didn’t do anything, its not my mistake. Maina says you never accept your mistake. Titli says I have the proof, the fire didn’t catch up because of me. She sees Garv holding the cigarette packet. She says the fire was lit by this cigarette, I m not careless, I m trying to find out the truth. Manikant taunts her. He asks Garv to ask his wife to stop bringing loss for them. Titli gets Chintu’s call. She says he is waiting. Manikant says let him wait, you won’t go there. Titli says its Raksha bandhan, every sister ties rakhi to her brother, I will also do. He says fine, go, break the ties with this family and go.

Titli says I got a big order. Garv says just I have a right on your time. Koel scolds Titli for getting the poisonous flowers. Titli says the flowers aren’t poisonous, it means Garv is doing this intentionally to stop me from going to work.

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